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Deputy Chairman for Scientific and Clinical Work


Tolkyn Bulegenov was born in 1972 at the Aktogay station in the Ayaguz district of the Semipalatinsk region. From 1987 to 1991 he studied at the medical department of Taldy - Korgan Medical School, which he graduated with honors. In 1991 he entered the medical faculty of the Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute. In 1997 he graduated with honors from this university. From 1997 to 2000 he studied at the postgraduate postgraduate course in surgery on the basis of the Department of Hospital Surgery of the Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy. From 2001 to 2006 he worked as an assistant, since 2006 - as an assistant professor, since 2010 - as head of the internship department of Surgery at the Semey State Medical University.
Bulegenov T.A. at a high methodological level, lectures, conducts practical classes. Systematically engaged in methodological work in the form of working curricula, syllabuses based on the TMU, clinical simulations, situational scenarios, OSCE stations for practical skills, training videos. Systematically and successfully applies innovative technologies of teaching and assessment of knowledge in the learning process.
In 2001 he defended his thesis on organizational and economic aspects of the surgical service. In 2009 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the problem of rehabilitation of post-burn cicatricial strictures of the esophagus and stomach. He published 220 scientific works, including 6 monographs and teaching aids, 10 methodological recommendations, 12 patents for inventions. Prepared 3 doctors PhD, 5 masters of medicine. Currently, he conducts scientific research on the problems of esophagus surgery, surgical gastroenterology, hepatobiliary surgery.
He passed training courses on problems of management, pedagogy and psychology of higher education (Novosibirsk State Medical University, Novosibirsk, 2004, Medical Faculty of Tel Aviv University, Shiba Center, Israel, 2008; KarGMA, 2008, GMU Semey, 2010 - 2016; KazMuno, Almaty , 2015, Higher School of Education, School of Medicine, Nazarbayev University, Astana, 2017), topical issues of clinical surgery (Pavlodar HIF, 2004, 2009, GMU of Semey, 2012-2015, ANSygganov National Research Center, Almaty, 2006, 2013 - 2017, KazMuno, Almaty, 2010, 2017), endovideosurgery (NNCS named after AN Syzganov, Almaty, 2006, MC Su Asuka, Tel - Aviv, Israel, 2012).
He participated in international conferences, congresses on surgical gastroenterology, hepatology, coloproctology, surgical infection, endovideosurgery, thoracic surgery, organization of surgical service. Chairman of the Dissertation Council on Public Health at the State Medical University of Semei, member of the committee for educational programs of the State University of Semey. The winner of the nomination "The Best Associate Professor", "The Best Scientist of the Year" based on the results of the rating at the university. He was awarded with a breastplate "Densaulyқ saқtau іsіnің үздігі", honorary diplomas at the level of the university, city and region.
He is a surgeon of the highest qualification category. He has modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of the chest and abdominal cavity. Actively engaged in consultative and therapeutic activities in the clinic of the university.