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Student's scientific society

The purpose of Students Scientific Society of Semey State Medical University is to unite students show a tendency to research work and actively participate in it. Just improving the quality of studentsSSMU adapted to work in a competitive environment, ability to creatively and effectively use their practice achievements of modern science, practical development of research methodology and skills of executing a research work.

  • Objectives of the Student Scientific Society(SSS)

  • • Dissemination of information about conferences, forums, round tables, discussions, helding in SSMU and other universities.
  • • The propaganda among students of different forms of scientific creativity.
  • • Attracting the most talented students to deliberate scientific and organizational work
  • • Collaboration with SSS from other universities of Kazakhstan, CIS and far abroad:
  • • Organization and carrying out various organizational mass and competitive activities by SIWS scientific seminars and conferences,  competitions of  Students Research work.

Mukiyev Serik Toleubekyly

Chairman of Student Scientific Society of SSMU

Specialty: "General medicine" group_205


Tel .: 8 777 065 7575

E-mail: serik.m.k@mail.ru

Motto: "People who have decided to act, are usually good fortune. At the same time, it is rarely accompanied by someone who only deals with the fact that the weighing and slow".

Fluent in Russian, Kazakh, English languages

Kadenov Gumar

Deputy Chairman of internal development of

Student Scientific Society  

Specialty: "General medicine" group_206

Phone: 87073031108

E-mail: kaz.gumar@mail.ru

Knowledge of languages:


Russian language

Kazakh language

Personal qualities:

A responsibility



Motto: "Learn as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow!"