General provisions:

The Scientific and Practical School “The Healthy Smile” was created in 2016 on the basis of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry of Semey State Medical University, which is an established team of researchers of various age groups and scientific qualifications.

Members of the Department are connected with research on General scientific and practical direction, preventive and curative activity.

Is the whole complex of preventive measures:

  1. 1.   Establishing contact with children of different age groups with their subsequent motivation on risk factors of dental diseases and methods of prevention;
  2. 2. Carrying out lessons of hygiene of an oral cavity.

During lessons various forms of education are used: the multimedia presentations, demonstration of thematic animated films, the developed instructions, books, a coloring, phantoms, objects and means of hygiene. Several scenarios of fairy tales and thematic performances on maintaining stomatologic health are developed for various age groups.

  1. Dental examination of children, determination of dental health indices, identification of risk factors for dental diseases in children of different age groups. According to the results of the dental examination, the relatives are given information sheets "Dental health of Your child", which describes the dental status of the child, the existing risk factors and oral diseases, recommendations for the selection of individual hygiene products and the need for therapeutic and preventive measures.





A very significant planned point in the work is that the students and teachers of the Department are assigned a certain number of children whom they supervise throughout the period of training, which makes it possible to systematically carry out preventive measures in the children's team.

Carrying out various therapeutic and preventive measures, systematic preventive examinations, early detection of dental diseases will reduce the intensity of dental diseases and reduce the need for therapeutic measures in children, which will lead to a medical and socio-economic effect.










Head : head of the Department of pediatric dentistry PhD Abralina SH. SH.

Deputy Head: assistant of the Department of pediatric dentistry Abylkairova G. C.

Student leader : student of the 3rd course of the faculty of dentistry, 305 group: Nurtayev D. E.