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School of Public Health

School of Public Health is part of the of the student government (SSA) and brings together all the students and teachers at the Semey State Medical University.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "On state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated July 7, 2004 №581, orders and instructions the Rector of Semey State Medical University.

The field of activity SPH at Semey State Medical University includes promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention in the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The aim: promoting a healthy lifestyle in the population, disease prevention, general health promotion, as well  leadership development.



  • Meet the needs of the population on health promotion and to assist them in overcoming difficulties through workshops - workshops, talks, etc.
  • Foster a healthy lifestyle among students of Semey State Medical University and the population of the city of Semey.
  • Introduce modern approaches on healthy lifestyles in the educational process and to increase the level of information culture.
  •  Identify the problem on healthy lifestyles and promote their resolution.
  • Cooperation with various organizations of the city for healthy lifestyles.