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Information about the scholarship provision in Semey State Medical University

List of scholarships: Presidential Scholarship (at the end of each session), nominal grant (one-time and annual)

Presidential Scholarship

- How to get listed scholarships.

Pursuant to the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 7, 2011 № 136 the decision of the Academic Council of the higher educational institutions to award scholarships for the next academic period not later than two weeks before the start of the academic period and sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a list of students.

Terms of scholarships:

The scholarship is assigned to full-time students from 3 course, students having only "excellent" (A, A), as on the basis of state order as on a paid basis. Scholarship is assigned to the following categories of students: 1) the winners of national and international contests, art competitions, sports competitions, festivals or the originators of discoveries, inventions; 2) having a publication in a collection of scientific papers in national and international scientific journals; 3) actively engaged in research work, the success of which is confirmed by diplomas, certificates, certificates; 4) to participate actively in the social, cultural and sporting life of educational organizations.

ADVANTAGES of scholarships:

The scholarship is aimed at:

1) Promotion of research and teaching and cognitive activity of students and undergraduates; 2) supporting of the most talented and gifted students and undergraduates; 3) promotion of development of intellectual potential.

Personal scholarships.

How to get listed scholarships

To participate in the contest application form (Appendix 1) the applicant with justify the appointment for the grant and presentation of the characteristics of the social, scientific, and other structures in which the applicant is involved.

When considering candidates for the scholarship applicants accounted for student participation in sports and social life of SemeyState Medical University and confirmed by the relevant deanery.

Nomination of a student occurs at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty, where he trained or at a meeting of the Academic Council of Semey State Medical University.

Materials for each candidate shall contain:

- extracts from the minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty on nomination for obtaining a scholarship;
- A copy of the student's record book;
- Characteristics of the student with bringing scientific achievements and a list of publications, certified by dean;
- Documents (diplomas, certificates, diplomas, etc..), Confirming the participation in the public life of the university.

Terms of scholarships:

To open competition for the appointment of a scholarship allowed students from the first year of study:

- having only good and excellent marks;
- having at least one scientific publication (for students from 2nd year and above);
- participating in conferences, exhibitions, competitions, contests;
- belonging to socially unprotected groups (orphans, the disabled, students from large and poor families, etc.).

Advantages of scholarships:

Promotion of socially significant, educational and research activities of students enrolled in the State Medical University of Semey, as well as to support orphans and students from poor, large, incomplete families.