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Education and scientific laboratory

Educational and Scientific Laboratory is the structural unit of Semey Medical University, which was established as intradepartmental experimental laboratory in 1976. E.N. Shatskiy was the first head of the laboratory.

In 1990, by the order of the Ministry of Health of Kazakh SSR, the laboratory was reorganized into the Central Research-Scientific Laboratory, where were provided researches with developing scientific-grounded recommendations for human organism protection against environmental hazards.

The following persons were heads of the laboratory in different periods: d.m.s., Professor S.B. Sadykov (1990 – 1994), d.m.s., Professor V.I. Kravcov (18.02.1994 - 01.11.1994), c.m.s., Assoc. Prof. G.A. Nedostoyeva.  

In 1996, by the order of the Ministry of Health RK, Central Research-Scientific Laboratory was dissolved and Intradepartmental Experimental Laboratory was newly reestablished. From 1994 to 2008, G.A. Nedostoyeva was the Head of the Laboratory.   

On November 27, 2008, Scientific-Experimental Laboratory was renamed into United Educational and Scientific Laboratory.

Laboratory responsible to teach students to learn practical skills in accordance with the requirements of SES RK and participates in the planned training of scientific personnel for the medical University.

 Since September 2011, the educational and scientific laboratory is headed by c.m.s. Aukenov Nurlan Erdenovich.

At the moment in educational-scientific laboratory works: senior researches d.m.s. M.M.Unisyanova, M.R. Masabayeva., research assistants B.Ruslanova, T. Zhuanyshev., junior research assistants N.A. Zhorgatayeva, A.O. Izgutenova, laboratory assistants Z.K. Kusainova, T.Z. Siyabayeva and A.D. Nurlanova.

Staff of the departments and physicians of University Hospital also coordinate work of the offices and help to train students: teacher of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases S. A. Chenemessova., Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases Z.O. Temirtasova, Assistant of the Department of normal Physiology O.A. Ussenova., teacher of the Department of Nutrition and Hygiene M.B. Beisengazina, Laboratory Assistant of Bacteriological Laboratory of SMU University Hospital G.T. Ahambekova, teacher of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry Zh. K. Ibrayeva., Doctor of the Department of Functional Diagnostics of University Hospital F.I. Abaikhanova.

Educational and scientific laboratory of Semey medical University is intended for:

  •      •  To make students aware of the possibilities of the modern diagnostic and treatment equipment.
  •      •  To demonstrate and teach practical skills to students and test their medical knowledge in accordance with SOES and curriculums.
  •      •  To prepare scientific staff for the university from among faculty members, master’s degree students and residents.
  •      •  To provide students with research-scientific activity.

The main purposes of the laboratory:

1. Planning, organization of educational process on acquaintance, working off and delivery of practical skills on the modern equipment for laboratory and functional diagnostics with departments.

2. To plan and organize research activities provided by the curriculum and according to requests for scientific researches.

3. To organize and introduce scientific and methodical developments, innovative technologies aimed at improving academic, scientific and methodical activities.

4. To take a part in modernization of academic process in accordance with modern requirements for implementation of development strategy of university’s academic activity.

The laboratory consists of six divisions:

  1.    1. Biochemical division, located at the Department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines named by S.O. Tapbergenov and on the basis of the ESL, where the research of metabolism (determination of enzyme activities, quantification of metabolites in animals and man, biochemical analysis of blood) are conducted.
  2.    2. Morphological division, located at the Department of pathological anatomy and forensic medicine named by Yu.V. Pruglo, here are the manufacture of histological preparations and improvement of existing and testing of new developed research methods are carried out.
  3.    3. Hygiene division, located at the Department of nutrition and hygiene disciplines. This division conducts research on the production parameter of the microclimate, illumination, noise of industrial enterprises in order to study the complex effect of harmful production factors on the body.
  4.    4. Physiological division, located on the basis of the University hospital of SMU and the city hospital №2, at the departments of physiological disciplines, neurology and internal diseases. On the basis of the physiological unit carried out researches, such as:  determination the performance of the cardiovascular system (ECG), the degree of blood supply on the different phases of the cardiac cycle (rheography), the determination of respiratory volumes (spirography) in various physiological conditions.
  5.    5. Microbiological division, based on the PCR laboratory of the SMU University hospital. On the basis of the microbiological unit carried out ELISA and PCR (during the performance of scientific and experimental work).
  6.    6. Immunological division, based on the ESL. Here the study of molecular genetics mechanisms, formation of polymorphism of the immune system as the basis for the development of new methods of health assessment, prognosis and treatment of immune-pathological conditions are conducted.

          All departments are equipped with the modern laboratory and diagnostic equipment designed for laboratory and clinical diagnostic studies.

The following international scientific projects are carried out in ESL:

  •      •  International research-scientific project “Remote effects of internal irradiation at different levels of the body: a multicenter experimental study using a nuclear reactor” under the guidance of Professor N.Z. Chaizhunussova and Professors Masaharu Hoshi and Nariaki Fujimoto (Japan).
  •      •  International research-scientific innovative work implemented by the Department of Pharmacology under the guidance of PhD, MD A. Zh. Saimova jointly with the Professor of Reading University (England) V.V. Khutoryanskiy: “Investigation of adhesiveness of medicated films and bioavailability of drugs enclosed in them”.
  •      •  International multicenter clinical study LLC “AbbVie” (USA) jointly with the Department of Internal Diseases, under the guidance of the Professor, R.L. Ivanova.
  •      •  In 2014-2017, grant of the MES RK Science Committee was implemented: Molecular-genetics basis of prediction of outcome of chronic virus hepatitis, erysipelas and brucellosis” under the guidance of c.m.s. N.E. Aukenov.
  •      •  Investigation within 013 programs (Applied scientific studies in the field of healthcare): “Development of scientific-methodological basis of minimization of environmental impact, medical support, social defense and recovery of population, living in unfavorable regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan” during 2017-2019 years is carried out.