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Medic press

Student press club " Medic Press”

Student press-club “Medic press” (next – press-club,organization) is a structural subdivision of Youth Affairs Committe and acts in interests of students on the real foundation of setup, in accordance with Constitution of RK, law “About an Education ” RK, law “About the  higher postgraduate education ”and legislation of RK, аlso rules of inner routine and statute of Semey medical university .

The document regulating the activities of the club is the regulation "on the student press club" Medic Press " of Semey Medical University

The regulation defines the goals, objectives, General provisions, organizational and functional structure, organizational support of the press club.

Works closely with internal media: magazine "Meduniver LIFE", official sites of the University.

The club is created, reorganized and liquidated on the basis of the decision of the academic Council and approved by the order of the rector of the University.


The activities of the organization are supervised by the Vice-rector in accordance with the order "on the distribution of responsibilities between the members of the rector's office for the management of the medical University of Semey.


Formation and structure

The press service includes:

- Editorial Board of Meduniver LIFE magazine;

- Publication of news in the official websites of the University;

* The press club consists of a leader, a student leader, as well as a public staff headed by a press Secretary (assistant Manager), journalists, photographers, cameramen, leading speakers(correspondents), elected from among the students.

• Press office independently organize its activities, the distribution of tasks between the members, ustanavlivaet relationships with the structural units, the student government.

• Assembly of press-services are held 1 time per week, which discusses the planned and ongoing activities

• In a Position subject to adjustments adopted by the majority of votes at the General meeting of the press service and approved by the management of the University.