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Information of students’ dormitories

There are approved criteria, which regulate order of hostel check-in. There has been also organized Committee on hostel check-in, checkout and accommodation in accordance with the Order #66, dated 22.01.2016.

Rules for hostel room allocation

Execution of documents and hostel check-in start on August 26!

After university enrolment, you should implement following measures to get Application form for Accommodation:

  1.  To submit check-in application through the Sirius https://sirius.ssmu.kz (in Admission Office);

2) To provide Admission Office with hostel accommodation payment receipt (8400 tenge per a month; corresponding bank details can be inquired in Accounting Office)

  1.  Following documents must be provided to the manager of the hostel :
  2.  identification document (copy);

 - medical certificate of pediculosis absence (students are examined in the medical aid post of SSMU);

 - Check-in application signed by the Dean (original);

  • Application form for Accommodation, original.

Students are entitled to be registered at the place for temporary lodging and still be registered at the previous place.