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Scientific Grants

One of significant direction of social-ecological development all over the world is becoming the innovative development model. Innovative model is also determined by the priority of our development in strategic policy “Kazakhstan – 2050”.

Currently, there are following principal directions of support of innovative activity:

1. Development of science and education for the purpose of augment of human potential. 

2. Perfection of innovative business terms.

3. Improvement of innovative projects financing.

Support of fundamental and application researches is the direct state obligation in many developed and developing countries.

Also, there are many examples when researches are conducted by means of private business.

Currently, principal grantors are: Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (http://sc.edu.gov.kz/224/?L=0), Republic of Kazakhstan The Foundation of the first president (http://www.testent.ru/news/granty_na_nauchnye_issledovanija_ot_fonda_pervogo_prezidenta_rk/2012-01-24-722), National technological development agency (http://www.natd.gov.kz/granty/) and others.

Ministry of Health and Social Development of RK is also allocated funds for scientific researches on programme-oriented funding.

What are grant and programme-oriented researches give us? Generally, this money is go to acquisition of expendable materials, publications in leading scientific journals, travel expenses aligned with dissemination of scientific research results, conduction of researches in leading laboratories of Kazakhstan and abroad, salary, etc.

On the back of this, you are kindly requested to use extensively the abilities of grant and programme-oriented funding.