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Enactus is a nonprofit organization of students, and business and academic leaders that aim to use entrepreneurship to change the lives of people around the world for the better.

Students form teams on their university campus under guidance of a faculty advisor and business experts. These teams plan and work on socio-economic outreach projects while gaining an important perspective and leadership skills. These student groups undertake projects with the goal of improving the quality of life of the community members they work with and creating a path to sustainable human progress. Enactus holds annual competitions on the regional, national, and global scales for student teams to showcase their projects to their peers and be judged by faculty contributors and business professionals.

In addition to students, Enactus also has over 500 corporate, organization and individual partners that contribute and help make student projects possible.

Enactus also allows the collaboration between businesses and students. Businesses are able to fund or sponsor a specific project (not competing in the Enactus World Cup) that the students are asked to solve and work on.


Bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more stable world, using the creative power of business.

The core philosophy driving Enactus projects is; “Give me a fish and I will eat for a day; teach me how to fish and I will eat for a lifetime”.

By developing and implementing projects, the Enactus SMU team improves the level and quality of life of people. Today, the team has 10 projects, of which 4 are in active implementation.

Among them: the project for blind children "Touch me", Apparatus for making caps "Dental Device", Smart bottle for reminding about the taking of drugs "Smart Bottle", Marmelade from kelp for the prevention of iodine deficiency.

This year, the teams of Semei City of Enactus united to implement the project, with the support of the akimat, which will improve the lives of the residents of our city. Enactus Semey teams took an active part in tree planting. As part of the campaign, 12,000 seedlings were planted.

President Enactus SMU- Anel Ryskalieva 87056252716

Vice President Enactus SMU- Zekenov Ernur 8 705 666 96 16

Vice-President of Enactus SMU- Akylbekov Bakhytbek 8 708 260 10 53