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Dean of postgraduate and further education. Сadre

Postgraduate and additional education dean’s office is headed by the dean of postgraduate and additional education Tanatarova Gulnaz Nursoltanovna.

Tanatarova G.N. after the graduation of Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute in specialty "medical care" had finished residency on "Internal medicine" from 1995 to 1997. In the period from 1997 to1999 she studied at the postgraduate training program at SSMI specialty "Internal Diseases", after which she successfully defended her candidate dissertation on the topic: "Integrated assessment of the cytoprotective therapy effectiveness for coronary heart disease" in the specialty 14.00.06 cardiology.

Since 2000, she has worked as an assistant at faculty therapy department. Since 2005 was an associate professor of Internal Medicine at pediatric, dental, preventive medical faculties and internships.

Since September 2011 Tanatarova G.N. is headed the department of retraining and qualification-based training of medical staff at Semey State Medical University.

The staff of postgraduate and additional education dean’s office includes  dean, vice-dean of internship, vice-dean of master degree and residency, 2 counselors of internship, counselor of master degree and residency, 2 counselors qualification-based training and retraining of doctors, recruitment, secretary.





Beysegazhina Zamzagul Rymzhanova

Position: Supervisor for internship

Education: higher

1984-1989 - N.V. Gogol NSTI – teacher of Russian language and literature

2000-2002 – Shakarim SSU – teacher of Kazakh language and literature, 1st category teacher.


- prepares and sends identifying list of interns for every academic year;

- keeps watch over the number of interns’ contingent as of the first days of every month; 

- prepares information about restitution and transference of interns; 

- executes permits to fine-tunings;

- prepares list of scholarships assignment for interns based on the results of session; 

- participates in organization and conduction of a paid summer semester for interns; 

- prepares and sends applications for standard pattern diplomas and documents;

Master’s degree program and residency




- executes enclosures to diplomas of candidates for a master's degree and residents;

- carries out acceptance of documents and carries on basic records of residents and candidates for a master's degree;

- carries out documentation of educational process procedures in Master's degree programme and residency;

- participate in preparation of job placement report for graduates of magistracy and residency;

- participate in controlling of magistracy and residency entry examinations holding;

- participate in planning and holding of summer examinations for candidates for a master's degree;

- participate in conduction of professional-oriented work with people entering to residency and magistracy;


Должность: Методист по магистратуре и резидентуре


2008-2013 гг. диплом бакалавра, Государственный медицинский университет г. Семей, специальность «Общественное здравоохранение»;

Должностные обязанности:

  • Готовит информацию о работе по карте процесса «Прием интернов, магистрантов, резидентов» для координационного совета по качеству;
  • Организует составление  индивидуальных планов магистрантов, резидентов;
  • Готовит список магистрантов о назначении стипендии по результатам сессии;
  • Занимается вопросами подготовки к ГАК по резидентуре, магистратуре;
  • Принимает заявки и заявления от поступающих в резидентуру, магистратуру;
  • Участвует в составлении итогового отчета по организации и проведению приема, также в подготовке копии приказов о зачислении в магистратуру, резидентуру в МЗ РК;
  • Готовит информацию о восстановлении и переводе магистрантов, резидентов;
  • Участвует в составлении статистических отчетов по разным программам по запросам МОН и МЗ РК;
  • Ежемесячно предоставляет информацию по контингенту магистрантов и резидентов на 1 – е число каждого месяца;
  • Участвует в организации проведения вступительных экзаменов в магистратуру, резидентуру.
  • Собирает информацию по ежемесячной аттестации резидентов, магистрантов.
  • Составляет и реализует свой индивидуальный план развития.
  • Организует составление  индивидуальных планов магистрантов, резидентов.
  • Участвует в составлении отчетов о выполнении ИПР за текущий учебный год.
  • Участвует в составлении Рабочих учебных планов для магистрантов, резидентов.
  • Оформляет допуски к отработкам обучающихся.




Position: Supervisor for job placement.


- carries out questioning of employers and MPI with a view to revelation of satisfaction level of training quality of SSMU graduates;

- answers letters of MSE, MHSD of RK and administrative authority of regional level;  Отвечает на письма МОН и МЗСР

- maps out a working plan of Employers’ Council;

- carries out preparation and execution of Employers’ convention and fair of vacancy;

- monitors demands for medical personnel in EKR and Republic of Kazakhstan in whole;

- directs to the place of work young specialists graduated in the current year; 

- monitors arrival of graduates to the place of work; 

- prepares job placement report;

- prepares information for MHSD of RK about job placement of young specialists;

- takes part in statistical report preparation for different programs at requests of MES and MHSD of RK;

- responsible for realization of Employment map 2020 program in the university;


Duisekenova Anar Aidynovna

Education: higher pedagogical (Semipalatinsk state pedagogical institute, “Geography”, 2011).

Position: Supervisor for advanced training and retraining of physicians

Position: Supervisor for advanced training and retraining of physicians

Functions: Organization of advanced training cycles and retraining for medical personnel. Participation in organization and holding meetings and conferences for employees and listeners acquainting with rules of cycles conduction and changes in legislation of RK. Preparation of report on process “Advanced training and retraining of faculty and medical personnel”. Planning of activity improvement measures based on the results of SWOT-analysis. Compilation of applications from of MPOs and HD for budget application assignment to MHSD of RK. Making budget and contract cycles course schedule. Communication with higher bodies on principal activity.