“XXI century must become a time of youth who are entering into an active life and are able to take responsibility for the fate of the world, the country and their family."


Until 2008, before the introduction of credit technology of education there were 3 dean's offices in the university: dean's office of medical and medical-preventive faculties; dean's office of pediatric and stomatology faculties; dean's office of the foreign department and the pharmaceutical faculty. In 2008 there were 2 dean's offices: by order of the rector №102 of 26.06.2008 the joint dean's office of the Medical, Medical-preventive, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Public health and Nursing departments; and the dean's office of the “General medicine” and pediatric faculties were created. In the academic year 2010-2011, the dean's office was renamed into the dean's office of credit technology of education (CTE), medical faculty, stomatology and foreign department. In the academic year 2012-2013, in connection with the abolition of the specialties «Medical faculty» and «Pediatrics», the dean’s offices have been renamed into the dean's office of Сredit technology of education (CTE), stomatology and foreign department; and dean’s office of «General medicine». In 2016 by order of the rector №194-а of 29.08.2016, the joint dean's office of undergraduate education was created. It unites all Bachelor's specialties: «General Medicine», «Stomatology», «Public Health», «Nursing», «Pharmacy» and the Foreign department. 

The dean's office of undergraduate education controls the work of departments, performs the functions of coordination and administrative support of the educational process. The dean's office is an educational, organizational and administrative department of the university. The dean's office is assigned the following functions: educational and methodical function, accounting of the contingent of students and their academic performance, the formation of groups, planning of educational, methodical, scientific, organizational activities; educational work, organization of cultural events; maintaining communication with education and health authorities; strengthening and developing external relations with employers and graduates.

During the years of the tireless and painstaking work of the dean's office, many achievements have been made. From the «Almamater» Alumni Association fund, orphans receive monthly money for free lunches. Successful and well-known graduates of the university, as well as chairs, departments of the university establish nominal scholarships for orphans, students from low-income families who are excellent students and activists. For the academic year 2016-2017, 38 certificates for assignment of nominal scholarships for the total amount of 1.121.500 KZT were issued. Since 1999, the nominal one-time medical school scholarships of Nagasaki University (Japan) in the amount of $200 are assigned to excellent students, activists.

The results of the examinations and proposals for improving the educational process after the examination session (intermediate certification) are submitted for discussion of the meetings of the departments, the dean's office and the university's Academic Council. The analysis of the results of bachelors' control on the average score and the qualitative indicator of academic performance demonstrates that the students show good knowledge and practical skills. The University is implementing a program «From equal to equal», when the senior course helps to other students who have problems in their studies. As a result, the teaching student further consolidates the material, and the learner perceives the material easier from a similar student.

The external evaluation of the achievements of the students is confirmed by the successful passing of the state certification of the specialty in 2012 and the institutional accreditation of the university in 2014, specialized accreditation in the bachelor's specialties in 2015 and 2016. A relatively high percentage (88% of respondents) of employers' satisfaction with the quality of graduate program preparation, as well as the high degree of demand for graduates of bachelor's degree, the indicator of the employment of graduates – over 90% – testifies to the effectiveness of the goals of educational programs.

University opened the groups with English language of education for Kazakhstani students: since 2004 – in the specialties «Medical faculty» and «Pediatrics», subsequently the specialty «General Medicine»; since 2011 – in the specialty «Public Health»; since 2014 – in the specialty «Stomatology».

For coordinating the educational work, the Council of Tutors was established. The Council includes senior tutors of courses and faculties, who are elected at the general meeting of tutors. University students and departments’ staff actively take the dean’s office work. Students of different faculties live as members of one family. Since 2008 the Council of Student Self-Government has been working. There are a lot of youth organizations, schools, clubs at the faculties: Kaz MSA; АСК; «Zhas Otan»; Enactus; Special Olympics; «Syrgalym» school; Debate Club «Salauat»; School of Public Health; «Healthy smile»; Nursing school; «Medic press» club; «Abaitanu»; «Level up»; KVN Kaz league; Sheberlik; Club of Museologists; School of Management; Student scientific society; Artistic amateur performance; «Focus»; Assembly of Peoples; Student Self-Government. There are glorious traditions of conducting and celebrating of holidays – «Day of Knowledge», «Welcome party», Kurban-ayt, contests «The best room in the hostel», «Kyz syny», «Zhigit sultany», « Mister and Miss University among foreign students», Day against suicide, World against AIDS Day, the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan, Nauryz, Spartakiada among teachers and students, Subbotniks, student scientific-practical conferences, amateur art events, actions, various seminars, trainings, traditional meetings with the rector, vice-rectors, dean.

In October 2016, our university hosted the First Congress of Parents. Such a large-scale event was held for the first time only in our university throughout Kazakhstan. The parents of students of all courses and specialties from different regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from the Chinese People's Republic and India took part in the work of the congress. In total, the Congress was attended by about 200 delegates.

Students are actively involved in volunteerism at the national and international level, as one of the indicators of the strategic development of the university. So, in 2017, 33 students were volunteers of the International Specialized Exhibition «Astana EXPO 2017».

 Dean's office brings together students of different specialties, as in unity there is strength, power and prosperity.