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«Qyz Zhibek» Organization

«Qyz Zhibek» Organization

The head of the organization:

Professor of the department of contemporary history of Kazakhstan and lecturer of the department of GPP Tabuldinova G.N

The head of the student:

Kabieva T., Ruslanova M.,  Bekmurat Erke

The purpose of the organization: The women is association “Kyz Zhybek” is intended to teach Kazakhstan girls the basic principles of  health and well-being, a healthy lifestyle and the upbringing of family life as the future mother of the nation.

It is important to understand that there is a great responsibility for the future of society, country and nation. The association of girls “Kyz Zhibek” whose goal is to create a highly educated soul will give a sense of sincerity and diligence, cordiality, prudence, purity and humanity. The organization will become a place where students can share their thoughts and get the necessary advice.