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Clinical council

The Clinical Council is a collegiate limb  which carrys out  work on the operational resolution of clinical issues and the coordination of the activities of the clinical departments of the university with practical public health parts and basic medical institutions.

The Clinical Council carrys out  it`s work on public basis in accordance with annual plans. The meetings of The Clinical Council is provided 1 time every quarter at least where members of the council take part for discussing activity of the council and making relevant decisions.  Heads of medical institutions, chief specialists (by branches) may be invited too.

Basic directions of activity The Clinical council are:

- The analysis of contemporary states and perspectives of clinical activity of clinical departments and basic medical institutions.

- Obtaining scientific results which  permit to improve  diagnostics, cure and prevention.

-The analysis of population health and public health.

- Involving instructive-methodical materials

-Development of the forecast and standards of medical care