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Admission. For foreign students

Admission of foreign citizens to study in English at Semey Medical University is carried out according to applications on a competitive basis, based on the results of the entrance exam (an introductory interview) with full payment of tuition fees.

Applications are accepted from August 5 to August 20 of the current academic year.

To apply for study for foreign citizens, you must send a state document on secondary education and a copy of your passport to the University by email (smu.foreign@gmail.com).

Entrance exam (interview)

Applicants who have studied in English and/or fluent in English at least intermediate level are admitted to the interview. Also, final grades in the subject “English language” are taken into account.

The interview is conducted in English with the inclusion of questions on biology and chemistry in the framework of the program of general education schools and assignments to identify the level of proficiency in English. The oral interview also contains questions aimed at revealing the ability to learn, creative activity and critical thinking, as well as the personal qualities of the applicant.

If a foreign applicant who meets the above requirements is not able to come to the University for an introductory interview, he has the opportunity to pass it in the online format.

The decision on admission is made by the University Admission Board on the basis of the interview.

Visa support

In order to receive visa support, foreign citizens must send the copy of their passport via e-mail (smu.foreign@gmail.com) with the exact home address, birth, region of residence, and place of receipt

The visa is issued by the foreign institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of an invitation from the University (for minor recipients of visas – with the notarized written consent of legal representatives, with a translation into Kazakh or Russian).

Set of documents

A foreign citizen must submit the following documents to the University Admission Board:

  • personal profile in English;
  • application for admission to the University;
  • the original and notarized copy of an identity document (passport) with an officially certified translation into Kazakh and / or Russian;
  • a state document on secondary education (original) or a foreign state document on education, recognized as the equivalent of a state education document on secondary education in Kazakhstan with an officially certified translation into Kazakh and / or Russian;документ, подтверждающий владение английским языком не ниже среднего уровня (Intermediate) (при наличии);
  • 6 photo cards in size 3x4;
  • medical certificate form 086-U (the applicant receives on the spot after arriving at the University) + X-ray image;
  • vaccination passport with the registration of the 1st vaccine against viral hepatitis B;
  • a medical report confirming the absence of HIV infection and other diseases, and the possibility of learning and living in a climate of Kazakhstan;

Documents submitted in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into the state or Russian language. Certification of the translation into Kazakh or Russian is certified by a notary in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or by the bodies of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country in which the document is issued. To confirm the compliance of the document on secondary education issued by a foreign educational organization, the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires consular legalization (or a special stamp “apostille”).

Enrollment in the University

Enrollment of foreign citizens who have successfully passed the entrance exams and interviews, entering the specialty with studying in English and taken in accordance with direct agreements (contracts) on a fee basis, runs until August 25 of the current academic year.

The order of enrollment in the number of students is issued by the Rector of the University after successfully passing the entrance exam (interview), concluding an agreement on education and payment for the 1st year with 100% prepayment.

Information on tuition fees

The tuition fee for foreign students in the undergraduate program for 2019-2020 academic year will be 1 425 261 KZT.