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Internship. Admission

 Admission Procedure regulated internship Internship Regulations, approved by Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 16, 2010 number 452, and the Regulations for admission to internship Semey State Medical University.

The main terms and conditions of enrollment in an internship.

1. Training of interns from the state budget made ​​within the state order for training of specialists in the following specialties (majors) :

“General practitioners”;
“Dentistry " ( a general dentist ) .

2 . Training of interns in excess of the amount the government order is carried out on a contractual basis with full reimbursement of training costs.

3 . Allowed training internship at the state educational order on a budgetary basis to narrow specialties ( majors ) , upon the request of local government health or medical institutions in terms of tripartite contracts for training in particular specialization between the customer , and a graduate of Rectors .

4 . Preparing internship contract basis carried out with full compensation cash outlay by the customer or a graduate with an individual contract .

5 . Admission to the internship in the field , except for the general practitioner and dentist general practice on a competitive basis .

Key terms of the competition :

- Availability for the training in a specific specialty ( specialization ) with registration of a tripartite agreement on training of specialists between the customer , and a graduate of the rector of the higher education institution , as well as a letter of guarantee from the hospital to provide a guarantee of employment specialist after the internship ;
- The average score for the full period of training :
for the preparation of the main specialties (except for general practitioners and general dentists ) - 3.33 ;
to prepare the narrow specialization - 3.67
- Providing at least two letters of recommendation from the head of the department and leading clinicians base hospitals for training ;
- Participation of the student in the student's research work (confirmation chairman VAT )

6. To enroll in an internship in a particular specialization in the period up to August 31, all graduates of the department served an internship application to the Rector ( in due form ) and rent a private matter , which should have the following documents :

• Personal form ( standard form)
• Diploma (copy)
• The Diploma Supplement (copy)
• ID card , passport (copy)
• Autobiography
• 2 color photos (3x4 and 5x6 )

 7. Order of transfer from other universities in the RSE " MCM " :

- Provision of a letter of consent from another university for transfer in RSE " MCM " for the internship ;
- Copy of the order of dismissal from the university ;
- An application for an internship to the Rector ;
- Documents determined to enroll in an internship in a particular specialty ( specialization );
- Private affairs of students enrolled in the grant

8. Enrollment in an internship from September 1 this year carried out on the basis of the order of the rector of the university. Not later than 1 October institution is the Ministry of Health a copy of the order of enrollment in an internship