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Doctoral PhD. Admission

PhD Doctoral Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel doctoral carried out in universities and research institutions by field of science and specialties. To ensure the competitiveness of the teaching staff , researchers and specialists in the global education market . Semey State Medical University in the framework of the state order implements educational programs for two specialties research and teaching areas ( There License number 0107153 , specialty 6D110200 « Public Health "; license number 0111557 , specialty 6D110100 « Medicine » № 363 from 12.05.2011 years). Doctorate Ph.D provides improve the training of the teaching staff in accordance with international requirements and principles of the Bologna process.

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Regulatory documents for PhD students

Why choose doctoral Ph.D Semey State Medical University ?
Semey State Medical University - one of the leading medical universities of Kazakhstan, providing training of highly qualified specialists and scientific training for international educational Ph.D doctoral programs based on best global practices and modern and innovative learning technologies. Semey State Medical University cooperates with leading universities and research organizations in the world that offers talented , gifted young people a space to realize their creative potential .

What form of training in doctoral Ph.D?

Education doctoral Ph.D on scientific and pedagogical direction in Semey State Medical University is conducted full-time . Training period is 3 years.

What are the requirements for admission to doctoral Ph.D?

In Semey State Medical University doctoral Ph.D accepted citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons who have an academic degree " Master " , and completed residency training or clinical residency in medical specialties . Stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan , can get on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order free graduate education if the education they receive at this level for the first time . Eligible for foreigners on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order free postgraduate education by the international agreements of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

When the reception is carried out in a doctoral Ph.D?

Annually accepting applications from persons entering doctoral Ph.D, held from June 20 to July 20, the entrance exams are held from 1 to 20 August .

What documents are required for admission to doctoral Ph.D?

1) an application to the head of the organization;

2 ) The rationale for the proposed dissertation research , agreed with the alleged domestic or foreign scientific advisor ;

3 ) a copy of the identity card;

4 ) a copy of the document on education ;

5 ) A copy of the certificate of naturalization test program specified in paragraph 4 hereof ( if any );

6 ) a list of scientific and methodological papers ( if any );

7) six photographs size 3x4 inches ;

8) a medical certificate form 086 ;

9) personal form of accounting personnel and proof of employment ( for those with seniority ) .

10) folder (paper )

11) list of documents

Together with copies of the documents referred to in this paragraph , provided the original for verification . After the verification the originals are returned .

What you must pass exams for admission to doctoral Ph.D?

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and stateless persons entering the doctorate , except for foreigners take entrance examinations :

1) according to one foreign language of choice ( English, French, German) ;

2) specialty.

Entrance examinations for state , Russian and foreign languages ​​are conducted on the technology developed by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Are there any special requirements for entrance exams for foreign nationals ?

Foreign citizens entering the doctoral program , pass the entrance exams

1) by state or Russian language ( the language of instruction ); 2

2) ) in the specialty.

In what terms is held enrollment in doctoral Ph.D Semey State Medical University ?

Enrollment in the number of PhD students is conducted by the selection committee of Semey State Medical University from 25 to 31 August . For training in the state educational order credited those who obtain the highest scores on the entrance exams to the sum of not less than 150 points on a 100-point grading scale .

In what areas provide training in doctoral Ph.D Semey State Medical University ?

According to the approved from 01.09.2009 . new classifier of higher and postgraduate education of the Republic of Kazakhstan , is currently training doctors performed Ph.D 2 specialties , research and teaching areas .


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