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Admission of foreign citizens to study in Semey Medical University

Admission of foreign citizens to study in Semey Medical University

Semey Medical University was founded in 1953. In 1995, an additional department for foreign students was established here for the first time among medical universities of Kazakhstan. For the first time, 43 foreign students from India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Jordan were enrolled in the University to study various specialties. Since 1998, the language of instruction has been English only.

In order to improve the policy of admission of foreign students to medical universities in Kazakhstan, Semey Medical University is conducting explanatory work in India for applicants.

Admission of foreign citizens to study in English at Semey Medical University is carried out according to applications on a competitive basis, based on the results of the entrance exam (an introductory interview) with full payment of tuition fees.

The University has developed an educational and methodical complex of disciplines in English by the relevant departments, a large number of educational literature in English was purchased, which is replenished every year. Many facilities are arranged for foreign students: medical care, recreation and entertainment, traveling around the country.

Over 65 years of existence, the University has trained tens of thousands of highly qualified medical specialists who offer their services not only in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries, but also around the world, especially in the United States, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Israel.

The representatives of the university gave answers to all the questions of student’s parents about study process, living and safeness.

Information work about admission to Semey Medical University is being carried out in the cities of Jaipur, Jodpur, Patna and Mumbai, with the support of Sky Topper Consultants. Applicants, parents, student recruitment agents, attended our conferences in different regions of India.  

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