“The Best Doctor’s Assistant

“The Best Doctor’s Assistant

On 12th of June 2019 at the end of “Internal diseases” module Olympiad “The Best Doctor’s Assistant” was organized by the department of faculty therapy among 4th year General Medicine students. Organizer of the Olympiad professor of the department Zhumadilova Z.K. made introduction speech with wishes of luck.

Captains of teams «Tabula rasa» Khalel Azia (427) and “Adrenalin” Karmenova Aray (434 GM) introduced teams, explained meanings of team names and motto at the first contest “Homework”. Creative approach of the team “Adrenalin” was distinguished. The second contest was quiz “Own Game” where the teams should answer questions using knowledge taken in modules of internal diseases by categories of its complication. The team “Adrenalin” with the certain game strategy could win at this complicated part of the game. The lats contest of the Olympiad was performance of the clinical case with diagnosis justification, treatment and diagnostics, and preparation on clinical map.  At this contest both teams showed professional approach and clinical mind.

Teachers of the department gave feedback expressing satisfaction by organization of the Olympiad. Also captains of both teams made a speech with thankfulness to teachers for taken knowledge and opportunities. At the end the head of the department prof.assistant Kaskabayeva A.Sh. summarized the Olympiad “The Best Doctor’s Assistant” and rewarded the winners. Diplomas and certificates were awarded, as well as valuable prizes to the winners. The Olympiad allows students to develop, along with theoretical and practical skills, the desire for professional improvement, the progression of humanistic motivations and personal growth.


Published on: 2019-06-18, 12:37 PM

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