Awarded a scholarship of the University of Nagasaki

Awarded a scholarship of the University of Nagasaki

On June 14, 2019, Medicine School held a meeting of the Commission for the award of the Nagasaki University among 4th year students. 5 students of “General medicine” participated in the competition: Shakenov Bakhtiar 411 group, Nogombaeva Dilara 435 group, Tukinova Gulfairus 435 group, Kapasova Elnara 401 group and Fasylkhanova Zadra 435 group. Deputy Chairman of the Board Zhanaspayev M.A., Dean of Medicine school Pak L.A., Vice-Dean Sadykova L.K., Chairman of the Board of supervisors Tabaldieva G.N., specialist Youth Committee Kulgimbayeva A. Sh. and member of the student government Rakhmanova Bekzat were present. According to the objective decision of the meeting of the Commission the relevant criteria have been recognized Tukinova Gulfairus and Nogombaeva Dilara. We congratulate the winners and wish them good health and further success in their studies.


Vice- Dean of School of Medicine L. K. Sadykova

Published on: 2019-06-17, 10:42 AM

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