Stress is a universal, non-specific response of the body to stress resulting from exposure to stressors (factors).

There are external and internal factors that can cause stress.

To external include noise, smell, injury, heat and others. To the inner ones - fear, conflict, worries. For all these reasons, the human body reacts with an imbalance. And, as you know, any unbalance should be restored. So the body adapts to the conditions that have arisen, i.e. adapts.

Stress can manifest itself both on the positive side: the body is mobilized, makes constructive decisions, and negative, when destruction occurs and destructive decisions are made.

Stress can be strong or weak, long-term or short-term. With the effects of short-term and low stress, most people are able to cope on their own. However, strong and prolonged stress and their consequences can seriously harm, therefore, in such cases, the help of specialists is needed.

Mental manifestations during prolonged stress:

• constant irritability when communicating with people

• feeling of weakness, quick fatigue

• constant anxiety

• reduced ability to concentrate

• loss of interest in life, pessimism

• difficulty in making decisions

• indifference


Learn how to plan your life: try to avoid situations that can make you angry. If you still have to face life difficulties and failures, you need to learn how to respond to them correctly, and what is very important is not to accumulate negative experiences.

Do not neglect communication. Never suffer alone. A person who feels that he is lonely and abandoned, that he is left alone with his insoluble problems, just need a company of friends and relatives.

Take steps to eliminate the source of stress. For example, if you understand that the greatest disappointment gives you a conflict with employees and difficulties in work, try to establish constructive relations and organize joint work.

Learn to listen. Never be sure that you immediately understand the thoughts that the other person wants to express. Listen to him carefully so that there is no misunderstanding. So you will avoid many causes for grief and conflict.

Rest the whole family.

Break away from everyday life. This can be done in different ways:

- A trip on vacation or on weekends. A day or two away from home will provide the break needed for recuperation, provide an opportunity to look at the problems from the side and significantly reduce stress.

- theater, cinema, television, books. A good movie, an interesting TV show or a book can reduce stress.

Learn to relax, often think about the pleasant. Force yourself at least 2-3 times a day to disconnect from the external situation for 10 minutes, retire, sit comfortably, close your eyes and think about pleasant things.

Exercise drives out stress. Be engaged in physical culture, more often walk in the fresh air, do daily morning jogs, dance, ride a bike, play tennis, go to the pool.

Review your life position. Do not waste time and energy to achieve a goal that is not really so important to you.

May there be a place of humor and laughter in your life.

Always remember:

The main thing is not what we think, and not even what happens to us, but how we treat it!

Stress is not a consequence of the problem, but only the result of our reaction to it!

Published on: 2019-06-13, 11:01 AM

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