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“Clean Session” project

“Clean Session” project

The summer examination session for students of the specialties "General Medicine" and "Dentistry" has started. Within the framework of the “Clean Session” project, employees of schools, members of the anti-corruption committee of the university and student self-government attend examinations for the purpose of transparency. In the course of attending examinations, acts of verification are drawn up, where according to the indicators an assessment is made, comments, suggestions are made and a brief conclusion is given.

The examinations were visited by the deputy deans Y. Zhakupbekovа, A. Buzheyeva, deputy chairman of the anti-corruption committee A. Saimova, member of the anti-corruption committee N. Kulabukhova, student rector Ye. Zhanybekov , student deans A. Ishanova and A. Zheksenayeva. Attendance and monitoring of examinations are mandatory during each session. Members of the student government who attended the session made sure again that our university is out of corruption.

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