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Youth against drugs

Youth against drugs

06/02/2019 In the shopping center "Kazyna" LC KazMSA SMU under the supervision of standing committees , the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA), the Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME), Human Rights and Peace (SCORP), the Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH), the ENACTUS SMU team, and the School of Public Health Protection, conducted a free information preventive action "Youth against drugs".

The purpose of this event was the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the conscious rejection of bad habits and addictions, contributing to the development of various somatic and mental diseases and the formation of an active life position.

WHO estimates that worldwide, 27 million people suffer from drug-related disorders. Of these, more than 400,000 die each year. Drug use harms families and communities, in particular, creating the groundwork for crimes against property and the individual. It also leads to domestic and road traffic injuries, violence against children and gender-based sexual violence and other forms of violence, in addition to causing morbidity in newborns. SCORA on this promotion presented the topic of premature babies. The activists of the committee told about the relevance of this topic, the statistics of the birth rate of children in preterm and their causes. Next, the table was shown to those who wanted to correctly swaddle children and care for premature babies: examination, weighing and bathing of the child. As correct swaddling of the child guarantees safety during a dream and preservation of optimum body temperature. SCORP presented the topic of consumer rights. The activists of the committee told in detail about the rights of consumers, using the Civil Code (Civil Code) of RK and OZPP (Consumer Rights Protection Society). In addition, they actively answered questions of interest to people, suggested where to turn in case of violation of rights, SCOME showed the first medical care for epilepsy, gameplay reception, as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, SCOPH held a mini-action "Pulse of Life", thanks to which the guests of the shopping center "Kazyna" were able to measure their blood pressure, the ENACTUS team demonstrated a device called “Dental Device”, an analogue of caps, and the book “Touch me”, for people with limited abilities and. And together with the School of Public Health, they conducted a mini action “Exchange Nicotine for Vitamin”. A flash mob was held at the event in order to show the unity of all young people, then a medley of activists from the SCOME Standing Committee took place. SCOPH, and ENACTUS.

By the end of the event, various booklets were distributed for mothers of newborns, as well as containing information on consumer rights, and what to do in critical situations.

Definitely, the guests of this action received a sea of emotions, positive energy, activists awarded with enthusiastic applause, and there is no doubt that after all people have become more informed and returned with new knowledge and ideas.

Many thanks to the trade union committee of Semey Medical University for the help and support provided.

Zhambylova Dina Nurlanovna press-secretary of LC KazMSA, student 215 GMF

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