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“Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics” Olympiad

“Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics” Olympiad

03.0.2019 in the main building of NAS "Semey Medical University" in the Assembly hall the 2-nd round of the Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics subject Olympiad  for 1-st year students of the specialty "General Medicine" took place. The Olympiad was held by the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan Raisov T.K. The chairmen and members of the scientific society of the department «Molecular Genetics Researches» and students of 104 and 112 curatorial groups of the specialty "General medicine" participated in the organization of the subject Olympiad. Chairman of the jury professor of the university, honorary citizen of Semey city Mausunbayeva Leilа Nasyrovna; professor of the department, Doctor of Biological sciences Mynzhanov Masygut Rakhimovich; Head of the department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics Orazalinа Ainash Saparovna, student’s rector Zhanybekov Erasyl were invited as the jury.

The Olympiad consisted of 4 stages. Stage 1- "Question and Answer", Stage 2 - "Quiz", Stage 3 - OSPE, Stage 4 - "Project analysis". The second round was attended by 20 students.

As a result,

I place - student of 129 group  Turlybaeva  Dana was awarded

II place - student of 130 group Meyramgazin Azamat was awarded

III place - student of 120 groups Bulegenova Aknur was awarded.

The Head of the department, associate professor Orazalina Ainash Saparovna wished all the participants a lot of achievements and every success in study.


Maksutova Aigerym, Bauyrzhankyzy Ayaulym,

students of  104, 112 groups of  «General medicine» faculty 


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