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«Writing correctly is trendy!» is the motto of the Total Dictation:

«Writing correctly is trendy!» is the motto of the Total Dictation:

On April 13, 2019 an annual voluntary Russian language literacy test, the Total Dictation, took place in Semey city, Kazakhstan. The students, who study Russian as a foreign language in the “Semey Medical University”, showed their Russian language skills on the basis of the main text that was chosen for the Total Dictation.

Foreign students actively participated in the event, special gratitude is expressed to graduating students from the Group 543: the Group leader – Khan Mohd Zubair, Shawaj Bano, Kunwarpal, Sharma Hament, Dixit Shalu, Zulkarnain Fida, Gouri Mohammed Arsad, Qureshi Ishak and Mohammed Nashir.

The Total Dictation was also attended by the 2nd year students who study the Professional Russian language course in the University.

10 interesting tasks were given to foreign students, including the assignment for attentiveness, rewriting correctly without mistakes; rearranging the letters and writing the sentence; solving the crossword; putting relevant verb in the correct form; finding an extra word; finding words related to the particular topic, restoring the text and highlighting correct grammatical forms.

Even though the ‘TruD’ (the title is formed from the abbreviation of the ‘Total Dictation’ in Russian (TD) and the element ‘ru’, which is associated with the Russian language) was held for the first time at our university, it is fair to note that it was a high level event.


Coordinator, senior teacher of the Department of philological disciplines Ms. Kudaibergenova Zh.M.

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