The exam is held according to the Normative Law Acts

The exam is held according to the Normative Law Acts

 On April 6, at the Medical University of Semey on the initiative of the Dean's office of pre-University education and the organization of student self-government for 1st year students was held a traditional exam on normative legal acts for the faculties of "Dentistry", "Pharmacy", "Public health", "Nursing".

The construction of the exam was taken orally and in writing on tickets consisting of 2 questions in three languages. The staff of the Dean's office of pre-diploma education and the leading members of the organization "Student self-government" were chosen as the examiner.

The main purpose of the exam on legal acts is to assess the level of knowledge of 1st year students who have completed their studies at the University in this academic year, the General situation of the University, the teaching staff, discipline policy, responsibilities and rights of students and identify weaknesses. Questions exam tickets on the history of the private and the motto " build the mission of the University , as well as honored Professor, rector, Vice-rector, Dean is fully surveyed, and each section for a variety of reasons, important policy issues, statement, sample write explanation to the questions covered. Answers to the questions were assessed by a score of 0 to 5 points. In each classroom worked on duty.



Published on: 2019-04-15, 02:50 PM

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