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Strategic partnership with Baskent University

Strategic partnership with Baskent University

I'm Professor Doctor Hayati Bilgiç. I work for Department of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, Başkent University (Turkey). It’s my first time visiting Semey. Being in a brotherly country to Turkey such as Kazakhstan is a special feeling to me. 
As you know, an important educational cooperation agreement was signed between Semey Medical University and Başkent University. As a World Bank project, Semey Medical University was planned to be handled with a new innovative vision. We are continuing this work with teams from Başkent University to implement this model based on output-based/competence. 
Since I arrived in Semey, I have always seen a close friendship, cooperation and hospitality. As I have found, SMU students are very motivated and curious. I saw that they were aware of the new education model. 
We are working with esteemed faculty members of Semey Medical University. Our aim is to place this new education teaching model in SMU. We believe that working closely together we will be able to achieve our goal. We plan to implement this model of education at the beginning of the new year. The preliminary preparations and infrastructure in Semey provide this opportunity. I can say that I see positive results already. 
During my visit to Semey Medical University, I was impressed with Teaching and Clinical Center. The center is equipped with a great number of up-to-date technologies. Students of SMU have a great opportunity to learn and practice skills that are essential for medical practitioners. 
I also visited Medical Emergency Hospital. There I had an opportunity to see the work of SMU departments that are located at the hospital. I would like to underline high quality of care provided for the patients there. Overall, the visit to SMU was mutually beneficial and fruitful. 

Professor Doctor Hayati Bilgiç

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