New Years is soon!

New Years is soon!

On the eve of the meeting of the new year, curatorial groups of the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O., the students of the English department of the 244,245 GM groups gathered on January 25 and conducted a mini review of joint activities for the 1 semester of the educational year. We watched the presentation of the material prepared by the 244 group, about the history of celebrating the new year, about where and how the new year is celebrated. Congratulated each other on the upcoming new year. From all of us, all members of the department, we want to congratulate the teachers, students and the whole friendly team of Semey State Medical University on the upcoming new year!

We wish you all for the New Year

All the joys in the world,

Health for a hundred years ahead,

And to you and your children,

Let the joy next year

You will be a wonderful gift

And tears boredom and trouble,

Leave better in the old.

May your wishes come true

And all cherished dreams!

May the New Year enter your home with hope, joy, love and a gift with yourself bring great happiness and health!

The year of the pig is already coming, the pig is entering every house, let it be peaceful, satisfying and filled with good!


Curator Olzhayeva R.R., students of 244, 245 groups of GM.

Published on: 2018-12-27, 07:47 PM

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