Independence Day of Kazakhstan

Independence Day of Kazakhstan

December 13, 2018  at the Department of Molecular biology and medical genetics named after Academician RK Raisov T.K. event held and dedicated to “December 16th, Independence Day of Kazakhstan”. Students of 104, 112 curatorial groups, Head of Department associate professor Orazalina A.S. and teachers of the department Targynova A.T., Elkenova B.Z. took part in organization and discussion. In 2018, the 27th anniversary of the day of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was celebrated. Students reported about innovations, what kind of progression occurred in our country over these 27 years. During the event the video “December 16 - Independence Day” was presented by Kaliev Daulet and Kami Nurislam and they won 3rd place in university competition. Group students asked questions on the topic of a quiz and with a sense of patriotism, performed the song "Kazakhstan." Independence is a dream of our ancestors. Now our task is to respect the spirit of the ancestors, to preserve our independence and work for the good future of our country. Congratulations to all on Independence Day!

Maksutova Aigerym, Bauyrzhankyzy Ayaulym,

students of  104, 112 groups of  «General medicine» faculty

Published on: 2018-12-20, 08:11 PM

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