Day of symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Day of symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

May 30, 2018 our tutorial groups took part in the event organized by the Abai Regional Library. Having gained independence in 1991, Kazakhstan, as a sovereign state, adopted its state symbols. The development of official symbols in the history of the formation of Kazakhstan's state independence holds a special place. All Kazakhstanian people took part in the creation of new symbols, and this was not so much a struggle for victory and prizes, as a vivid testimony of Kazakhstan's patriotism.

Oat of Arms, Anthem, State flag is the face of the state. Throughout the world, citizens turn their gaze to state symbols as signs of the unity of the people. Their description and the procedure for official use are established by the Constitutional Law.

The symbols of our state are indisputable evidence of its sovereignty and independence, unity of the people and power, thus expressing a certain state idea of Kazakhstan's democracy, consolidation and aspiration to universal human values. Every citizen should know and respect them, if he considers himself to be a patriot of his country.

Teacher of Kazakh and Latin chair

Shakirova B.T.

Published on: 2018-06-01, 07:49 PM

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