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Мастер класс в рамках КОП ПВО по результатам стажировки преподавателей ГМУ г.Семей в Bashkent University (Анкара, Республика Турция)

12.12.18 года 5 ППС ГМУ г.Семей: Маукаева С.Б. (инфекционные болезни), Шабдарбаева Д.М. (патологическая анатомия, судебная медицина), Танышева Г.А. (акушерство и гинекология), Куанышева А.Г. лучевая диагностика) и Гамзаева Э.М. (детская хирургия) провели мастер класс в рамках КОП ПВО по результатам стажировки. Тема мастер класса – 1. образование...

2018-12-13, 10:52 AM

Sanitary and educational work on the prevention of meningococcal infection of interns GP 703 of Semey Medical University

01.06.2018 interns GP 703 groups of Semey Medical University conducted sanitary and educational work on the prevention of meningococcal infection in CDA No.3 of Semey. Speakers reported the epidemiological situation of this infection in Kazakhstan, highlighted the issues of epidemiology and the clinic of meningococcal infection.

2018-06-04, 01:35 PM

Seminar on the Prevention of Quarantine Infectious Diseases

According to WHO on 28.02.2018, the epidemiological situation of especially dangerous infections (OOI) in the world remains tense. The plague is registered in Madagascar - 4 cases, there are no lethal cases. 2,488 cases of cholera are registered in the world, of which 163 are lethal. Anthrax diseases are registered in Zimbabwe (Africa), 9...

2018-05-31, 12:47 PM

Training in "The hour of self-development with vice-rector Aidosov N.S."

19.04 on request Head of the Department of PR T and M Esilbaev M training was held with the Vice-Rector for Strategic Partnership and International Cooperation and employees of departments PR T and M, strategic development, international cooperation and academic mobility.

2018-04-24, 06:29 PM