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"Hypertension - modern approaches to diagnosis, treatment."

Dr. PhD, Hans-F. Voehringer - a practicing cardiologist, clinical pharmacologist and internist from Germany, red a course of lectures at the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal diseases the NCJSC “SMU” One of the first was a lecture on the topic "Hypertension - modern approaches to diagnosis, treatment." The audience of this lecture wer...

2019-05-21, 12:23 PM

Strategic partnership with Baskent University

I'm Professor Doctor Hayati Bilgiç. I work for Department of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, Başkent University (Turkey). It’s my first time visiting Semey. Being in a brotherly country to Turkey such as Kazakhstan is a special feeling to me. As you know, an important educational cooperation agreement was signed between Semey Medical U...

2019-04-05, 08:54 PM

Discussion about project of the national catalogue of learning outcomes for Undergraduate Medical Training of the specialty "Medicine"

February 28, 2019 a meeting for discussion project of the national catalogue of learning outcomes for Undergraduate Medical Training of the specialty "Medicine" was held in the framework of a strategic partnership with Baskent University. The catalogue had been developed on the basis of CanMEDS competency model (2015), Swiss Catalogue of...

2019-03-06, 06:49 PM

Development of scientific research skills

One of the important areas for the development of special competencies for graduates of SMU is the skills of scientific research. In the end of the work of scientific research projects, successfully defending the materials of scientific works at the conferences of SMU, the members of scientific club students of the Department of Biochemistry...

2018-04-24, 06:13 PM

Master-class: "Development of educational programs for training nurses at the PhD level in the specialty" Nursing "

The target group was representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Republican Center for Health Development, medical universities and the Paryz Association of Nurses. From each public and private medical university, 3-4 representatives participated. The event was attended by the staff of our University, Kamalieva A.Z. methodist of the...

2018-02-16, 02:28 PM


Fourth of December, 2017 the local committee of the Kazakhstan Organization of Medical Youth under the guidance of Standing Committee on Public Health held the event in the walls of Semey State medical university. The event was dedicated to the World day against diabetes. In addition, the public event named as "Measure Your Blood Sugar Level"...

2017-12-27, 08:43 AM