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Foreign students organized «Auyzashar»

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim students with the support of the dean office of the foreign department organized «Auyzashar» for those who fast Oraza. 150 Muslim students of all courses who living in the hostel and teachers of those who fast during Ramadan were invited to «Auyzashar».Students cooked Indian food themselves, read dua for «Au...

04.06.2018 в 19:18

Duty in the hostel

16.12.17 y.- 19.12.17 y. were announced days off due to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in connection with which in the hostels # 1,3,7 of the Semey State Medical University were held the duties of the deputy dean of the Undergraduate education A.Sh.Zhylkybaeva, E.A.Zhakupbekova, A.S.Dyusembaeva, T.A.Rymbayeva, L.A.Pak,...

26.12.2017 в 04:10