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"Hypertension - modern approaches to diagnosis, treatment."

Dr. PhD, Hans-F. Voehringer - a practicing cardiologist, clinical pharmacologist and internist from Germany, red a course of lectures at the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal diseases the NCJSC “SMU” One of the first was a lecture on the topic "Hypertension - modern approaches to diagnosis, treatment." The audience of this lecture wer...

2019-05-21, 12:23 PM

Awareness and prevention lecture. Hearing health

Continuing research work to study the effect of headphones on human hearing, a member of the circle of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines. Ph.D. Tapbergenova S.O., student 245 of the GM group Burumbetov Nurtai, held an awareness-prevention lecture for students of grades 9-11 of the secondary school named after M.V....

2019-03-02, 01:33 PM

Recent seminar on the actual problem of modern hepatology

Annual holding and organization of meetings with city school students have already become a tradition at the department of faculty therapy. So, over the past 5-6 years, outreach sessions of Students Science Club have been held covering such local schools as NIS, schools № 9, 34,28,37, family-type orphanage №8 within the framework of social pro...

2019-02-01, 05:54 PM

Мастер класс в рамках КОП ПВО по результатам стажировки преподавателей ГМУ г.Семей в Bashkent University (Анкара, Республика Турция)

12.12.18 года 5 ППС ГМУ г.Семей: Маукаева С.Б. (инфекционные болезни), Шабдарбаева Д.М. (патологическая анатомия, судебная медицина), Танышева Г.А. (акушерство и гинекология), Куанышева А.Г. лучевая диагностика) и Гамзаева Э.М. (детская хирургия) провели мастер класс в рамках КОП ПВО по результатам стажировки. Тема мастер класса – 1. образование...

2018-12-13, 10:52 AM

Preparation courses on IELTS

There was held a seminar on methods of teaching foreign languages and preparation courses on IELTS for English teachers from 10.09.2018-27.09.2018. The classes were conducted by senior expert of “Senior Experten Service GmbX” Wolf-Dieter Stotz. The university staff also attended IELTS preparation courses. The certificates of attendance were giv...

2018-10-08, 08:51 PM

А seminar on the method of conducting diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy, on the modern apparatus «LapSim»

Under the guidance of the Head of the Department of Internship Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tanysheva G.A, on April 17.2018y., in the educational and clinical center of the State Medical University of Semey was held a seminar on the method of conducting diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy, on a modern apparatus called "LapSim", where the...

2018-04-28, 06:41 PM