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“Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics” Olympiad

03.0.2019 in the main building of NAS "Semey Medical University" in the Assembly hall the 2-nd round of the Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics subject Olympiad for 1-st year students of the specialty "General Medicine" took place. The Olympiad was held by the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after academician of...

2019-05-09, 07:51 AM


Admission of foreign citizens to Semey Medical University with English language of instruction is carried out on applications on a competitive basis, on the results of the interview and entrance exams, and a tuition fee. The interview is conducted by the visiting admission committee of the university.

2019-05-07, 05:39 AM

«Writing correctly is trendy!» is the motto of the Total Dictation:

On April 13, 2019 an annual voluntary Russian language literacy test, the Total Dictation, took place in Semey city, Kazakhstan. The students, who study Russian as a foreign language in the “Semey Medical University”, showed their Russian language skills on the basis of the main text that was chosen for the Total Dictation.

2019-04-16, 12:48 PM

Friendship of Kazakhstan and Turkey towards strengthening the healthcare system!

Yesterday, the delegation from Kazakhstan had a great opportunity to negotiate once more on our cooperation between Kazakhstan and Turkey, with participation of Yelzhan Birtanov, Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with professor Mehmet Haberal,

2019-04-12, 09:29 AM

Increased anxiety: how to live and fight with it

If the chef came out of the morning in a bad mood, he called you to his office, and you just remember that before Nauryz they did not give him a report, then you, of course, are anxious.

2019-04-11, 06:42 PM

Strategic partnership with Baskent University

I'm Professor Doctor Hayati Bilgiç. I work for Department of Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, Başkent University (Turkey). It’s my first time visiting Semey. Being in a brotherly country to Turkey such as Kazakhstan is a special feeling to me. As you know, an important educational cooperation agreement was signed between Semey Medical U...

2019-04-05, 08:54 PM