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March 19, 20 at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O., there were festive talks, congratulations for the holiday of SPRING- NAURYZ, students of 248, 249 GM groups of the English department, 217 GM group Russian departmen, 220, 234, 231, 233, 238, 239 GM, departments, the Kazakh branch...

2019-03-27, 11:18 AM

"Reading Abai"

On February 26, at the Semey Medical University, with the support of the «Abaytanu» circle, a contest of “Abay readings” was organized at the city level, dedicated to the 174 th anniversary of the birth of Abay Kunanbayev, in honor of the “Year of Youth” and thanks giving day.The competition was attended by universities, colleges and school chil...

2019-03-02, 01:25 PM

Нealthy lifestyle

28.02.2009 students of 109 groups took part in the curatorial hour, which was devoted to a healthy lifestyle. The students were trained on healthy lifestyles and play games. The purpose of this event is to inform students how to lead a right healthy lifestyle.

2019-03-02, 11:27 AM

New Years is soon!

On the eve of the meeting of the new year, curatorial groups of the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O., the students of the English department of the 244,245 GM groups gathered on January 25 and conducted a mini review of joint activities for the 1 semester of the educational year. We...

2018-12-27, 07:47 PM

Independence Day of Kazakhstan

December 13, 2018 at the Department of Molecular biology and medical genetics named after Academician RK Raisov T.K. event held and dedicated to “December 16th, Independence Day of Kazakhstan”. Students of 104, 112 curatorial groups,

2018-12-20, 08:11 PM

Поздравляем за занятое I место в первенстве города по шахматам

Поздравляем за занятое I место в первенстве города по шахматам среди ВУЗов и колледжей, посвященный Дню Независимости Республики Казахстан

2018-12-20, 10:58 AM