Advantages of training in the Studying-clinical centre are presence of hi-tech interactive dummies for development and an estimation of practical (clinical) skills; high qualification of teachers of clinical chairs; qualification of collective Studying-clinical centre.

For an effective utilization of hi-tech dummies, methodologists Studying-clinical centre hold training seminars for teacher clinical chairs.

The Studying-clinical centre is actively involved in process of introduction of innovations in educational process, in particular, computer technologies, training and teaching of clinical skills with application simulation technologies, clinical scenarios with attraction of the standardized patients, objective methods of an estimation of clinical skills.

With that end in view within the limits of realization of actions for introduction simulation technologies for the first time in the Commonwealth of the independent states, including in Kazakhstan, the topical version of production companies METI (USA) – the robot-simulator iSTAN became accessible to training to students and interns of the state medical university. In the scenario can be roentgenograms, laboratory data, video reports were included. In a number of scenarios there are elements of the standardized patient, i.e. answers of the patient can be written down in advance and join in suitable time or can be expressed by other person (the student, the resident, support personnel) by means of a microphone.

Training apparatus HARVEY which gives the chance training, since the general, less difficult scenarios and advancement to more rare and difficult diseases has been besides got is warm-pulmonary.

In the end of an academic year in Studying-clinical centre for interns 6-7 courses, residents and undergraduates.

Within the limits of realization of the plan of measures in Studying-clinical centre seminars for clinical chairs on simulation to technologies where main principles of vocational training of teachers on simulation to the technologies based on competence are shined are held; sciences principles of effective simulation in medicine and theoretical bases simulation technologies.

At visiting of experts of Akkreditation Centre RK, in November, 2010 educational activity of Studying-clinical centre in respect of development of practical (clinical) skills has been shown.

Within 2011-2012 academic years the Studying-clinical centre was visited by the Minister of Health of RK S.Z.Kairbekova, delegates of a forum «For the denuclearized world», delegates of the International forum «Mayors for the world», delegates of the Anti-nuclear forum.

Within university transition to Model of perfection of EFQM (level «Aspiration to perfection) in Studying-clinical centre was realized the project «Development and improvement of the Educational and clinical center for development of skills of reanimation of the newborn» which was presented to a validator to A.A.Abdrakhmanov – MD, the professor, Assessor, a validator and the accredited trainer EFQM (Belgium).

Employees the Studying-clinical centre constantly work over perfection of the knowledge and skill through participation at seminars, conferences, master classes. For example, the responsible teacher on a pediatrics class, Sh.V.Nazyrov’s internships was trained: at a seminar «Increase of safety of patients, introduction simulation technologies in medical education» (KazNMU. Almaty, 2010), a master class «Achievement of clinical competence with simulation technologies» (Karaganda, 2010), candidate of medical sciences D.A.Mukanova was trained at a seminar «the Integrated training and an estimation of the clinical competence of medical education» (Karaganda, 2008), the senior laboratorian G.T.Ameshova was trained at a seminar «Innovative technologies in medical education» (SGMU, 2010).

There are equipped simulation class and the room for debriefing conduction (review and discussion of lessons) in the new building of emergency hospital.