Head of Department


Aliya Rakhmetullinovna Alimbaeva

Alimbayeva Aliya Rakhmetullinovna graduated from SSMI in 1991. Her experience as a doctor is 29 years, pedagogical experience – 25 years. After graduating from internship for 3 years she worked as a neonatologist in the City Maternity Hospital № 3.    In 1994 she was accepted by competition on a post of assistant to the department of hospital pediatrics Semipalatinsk state medical institute. From 2005 to 2007, she acted as deputy head of the department. From 2007 to 2016, she worked as dean of the general medicine faculty, which included 21 departments and courses. From 2016 to 2020, she served as department head (2016-2017 academic year – Department of Pediatric Disciplines, 2017-2020 – Department of Pediatrics named after D.M. Tusupova). Currently head of the D.M.Tusupova Department of Pediatrics and Medical Rehabilitation, responsible for the specialty of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency in medical sciences. She successfully defended her thesis in June 2003 in Astana on the theme: “Clinical and prognostic value of determination of alpha-fetoprotein in newborn children of Semipalatinsk region”.

She continues her research work in the field of pediatrics.  She is actively published: the author more than 150 scientific works, 3 patents, 7 rational offers, for the last 3 years – 33 works.  She is the leader of the scientific school “Deficient states in children”, RS Protocol № 7 from 27.02.2020, a co-author of two monographs: “The Balance of the State”, “Polyclinic pediatrics”. Author of methodological recommendations: “Non-restlerdin өtpeli zhagdaylary”, “Recommendations for medical care of children born with a large weight”, prepared a methodical manual on the subject: “Early diagnosis of delayed cognitive development of children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia”.

Supervisor of one doctoral student of 3 years, scientific adviser of 3 doctoral students, 4 master’s students successfully defended under her supervision, supervisor of the winners of the Republican competition “Best Intern of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2017”, “Best Intern of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2018”.

Excellent command of the state language. Has a high methodological level of teaching. Constantly raises it on faculty of improvement of professional skill. To all sections of the activity refers responsibly.   Creatively and proactively performs educational, methodical and scientific, clinical work.

During superintendence of department she executed clinical work on clinical base of NAO “Medical university Semey” – University Hospital, on the base of Perinatal center of Semey. Carried out rounds and consultations of patients in children’s hospital of UH NAO “ICC”, participated in councils. She provided active assistance to basic institutions, conducting clinical reviews and conferences, giving lectures and organizing seminars for practitioners and reviewing case histories.  In connection with the opening of a new specialty in residency “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” performs therapeutic work “Toktamys” LLP, at the clinical base of the NAO “Medical University of Semey. Consults children of Semey and conducts joint examinations of patients, as a rehabilitator, as a pediatric neurologist, pediatrician and neonatologist. As a pediatrician and neonatologist she has the highest qualification category.



Brief information about the department:

Department of Pediatrics and Medical Rehabilitation named after Tusupova D.M. has a long history. It was named in 2018 in honor of Dameter Moldakhanovna Tusupova (Balkobekova) – the first head of the department of childhood diseases of the medical faculty of the Semipalatinsk Medical Institute in 1957. Subsequently, the department was headed by Pariiskaya Tamara Vladimirovna (1958 – 1959), Wulf Sofya Matveevna (1959 – 1962), Mikhail Borisovich Kogan (1962 – 1965).

In 1965, the Department of Children’s Diseases of the Faculty of General Medicine was transformed into the Department of Pediatrics of the Pediatric Faculty, which included courses in propaedeutics, faculty and hospital pediatrics. In 1972, the department of hospital pediatrics was allocated. All these years, the team continued to be headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Borisovich Kogan. From 1987 to 1994, the Department of Hospital Pediatrics was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nikolai Dmitrievich Sedunov. Later the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Tuleutaeva Galiya Aitmukhametovna (1994 – 2003), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Dzhaksalykova Kulyash Kalikanovna (2003 – 2014). In September 2014, the department was merged with the department of pediatric surgery. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Dyusembayev Azat Anuarbekovich was appointed as the head.

Since September 2016 with a short break (the 2020-2021 academic year was headed by PhD Doctor Akhmetzhanova Dinara Oralgazinovna) to the present time she is the head of the staff of the department, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Alimbaeva Aliya Rakhmetullinovna.

The gold fund of the Department of Pediatrics has always been and is its employees. Professors Dadambaev E.T., Akhanzaripov A.Z. worked at the department; associate professors Iskakov G.K., Sharipov S.Sh., Bryzhakhina L.A., Dubovets I.A., Kolesnikova I.N., Safronov V.V., Vysotskaya A.A., Telepneva G.F., Ternovaya L.F. Khlopova L.G. The graduates of the department are: B.G. Matiev. – Minister of Health of the Republic of Ingushetia, Solovyova I.L. – Professor of the Department of Pediatrics, Ulyanovsk Medical University, Musinov S.R. – Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kaidarova A.T. – Head of the Department for Monitoring Medical Activities and Health Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Apsalikov K.N. – Director of the Research Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology , Dadambaev E.T. – Head of the Department of Outpatient and Polyclinic Care of KazNMU, Zhetpisbaev G.A. – Professor of the Department of Pediatrics KazNMU, Tumenova B.N. – President of the public foundation “Aman-Saulyk”, Rozenson R.I. – Professor of the Department of Children’s Diseases of the Medical University of Astana, Zhaksylykova G.A. – Vice-Rector for Educational Activities of the Medical University of Astana, Sitkazinova G.K. – Chief Pediatrician of the Department of Maternal and Child Health Protection of the Department for Organization of Medical Aid of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since the day of its foundation, the department has trained more than 6.5 thousand highly qualified pediatricians. Wherever our graduates work, they honorably bear the title of a graduate of the Department of Pediatrics.

A great contribution to the work of the department was made by laboratory assistants: Kogutenko A.N., Derkach R.E., Asylaeva B.Sh., Borodaeva T.S., Nauryzova M.T., Trumova K.K.

Currently, the department employs 7 employees, 1 – candidate of medical sciences, 2 – PhD doctors, 4 – are studying in doctoral studies.

In order to improve the qualifications of the department staff, leading specialists from far and near abroad are invited: Professor Stefan Illing Henmark, Germany, Stuttgart, St. Olga’s Hospital; Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head. Department of Propedeutics of Childhood Diseases, Altai State Medical University Lobanov Yuri Fedorovich; Professor of the Department of Pediatrics, Ulyanovsk Medical University, Solovyova I.L. 28.11.2018 at the department head of the department Alimbaeva A.R. a round table was organized with the head of the department of pediatric oncology of the National Scientific Center for Motherhood and Childhood in Astana, the corporate fund “University Medical Center” Abenov Arman Maksutovich.

The scientific activity of the department is in constant development, the range of scientific research is expanding. The scientific direction of the department is “Health of children of different ages”. Purpose of the project: To study the structure, criteria for early diagnosis, genetic, biochemical, immunological characteristics of diseases of newborns and children of various ages.

The scientific school “Deficiency states in children” was formed. Its activities are supervised by Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the department A.R. Alimbaeva. Representatives of the scientific school regularly publish articles in the cited editions of the Scopus database, in journals recommended by the KKSON MES RK / VAK, collections of materials from international and republican conferences and seminars. Only for the 2020 – 2021 academic year, there are 6 presentations at international and national conferences, 31 publications have been published, 1 rationalization proposals have been introduced, applications for grant funding have been submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2, winter schools have been held – 1, summer schools – 2, open day of the scientific school and children’s rehabilitation center “TOQTAMYS” – 1.

The staff of the department are actively improving their qualifications in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad: 7 employees of the department have been trained in their specialty abroad (Korea, Russia, Israel, Turkey).


The main objective of the D.M. Tusupova Department of Pediatrics and Medical Rehabilitation is to train highly qualified doctors, health scientists to provide high quality medical care for the pediatric population

Faculty of the Department


Dinara Оralgazynovna Akhmetzhanova

PhD, Acting Assistant Professor of the Department

In charge of science, residency.

Medical experience – 15 years. Teaching experience – 6 years.

PhD Doctor, Assistant. Thesis was defended on the topic: “Comprehensive assessment of risk factors affecting the development of osteopenia in children with connective tissue dysplasia”, 2018, Semey.

Doctor – pediatrician of the highest category, physician – rehabilitation therapist (specialist certificate).

Author of over 20 scientific articles. Has guidelines and exclusive property rights to the copyright object called “Vitamin D and the prevention of osteopenia in children with DST”, 1 rac. proposal, certificate of entry into the state register of rights to objects protected by copyright “Algorithm for organizing the management of patients with diffuse toxic goiter”.

Completed an internship in the Russian Federation, Barnaul; in Turkey, Ankara, Bashkent University.

She was awarded with diplomas of the Akim of Abai Region, badge “Uzdik Ustaz”.



Manshuk Serikazhyevna Nazarbekova

Assistant, Head of Academic Affairs

Head of the academic department, coordinator for the specialty of pediatrics

Medical experience – 12 years, pedagogical experience – 10 years.

Pediatrician of the first category, physician-rehabilitation therapist (specialist certificate), expert in educational programs, auditor of educational activities.



Dinara Zharmukhametovna Sabitova

Assistant, Master of Public Health

Responsible for the internship in pediatrics

Medical experience – 14 years, teaching experience-13 years.

Master of OZ, assistant of the department.

Pediatrician of the first category, oncogematologist (specialist certificate), rehabilitologist (specialist certificate), pediatric infectious disease specialist (specialist certificate).

Author of 2 published works.



Danara Muvaryakovna Imanmadiyeva


Responsible for the clinical workload in the department.

Medical experience – 30 years, teaching experience-22 years.

Assistant of the department.

Pediatrician of the highest category, pediatric nephrologist (specialist certificate), rehabilitation doctor (specialist certificate).

More than 55 publications have been published, including 3 articles in the SCOPUS database, 2 methodological manuals.



Department's Contact Information


071400, Abai Region, Semey city, 1 Sechenev St., rooms 101, 102





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Mon. – Fri. 08:00 – 16:00