Microbiology department was established at Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute in 1954.

    The first head was Isaak Karlovich Babich, who founded the basics of teaching, methodological and organizational work of the department. I.K. Babich is the author of the textbook "Researcher of microbes". Aleksandra Nikolaevna Kovalevskaya was head of the department from 1963 till 1965, who later became the head of the microbiology department at the Blagoveshchensk Medical Institute. From 1965 to 1986, the department was headed by MD, Professor Hatmush Lutfullievich Galikeev.  Under his leadership, the improvement of teaching and methodological, scientific, educational work of the department continued. H.L. Galikeev, in addition to teaching, prepared several candidates of science, led the scientific work and led the student scientific circle, which has always been one of the best in the institute. Over the years, I.K. Babich, then H.L. Galikeev was headed by the local branch of the All-Union Society of Microbiologists, Epidemiologists and Infectiologists. Since 1986, Marat Mautkanovich Urazalin became the head of the department. M.M. Urazalin graduated summa cum laude from Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute, studied in post-graduate school, successfully defended his candidate’s dissertation at the Kharkov Medical Institute, returned to the microbiology department. M.M. Urazalin is author of 90 publications, including foreign scientific publications. They have a high citation index.

     Since 2018 the head of department is Rakhimzhanova Farida Sergazinovna, candidate of medical science, Associate Professor.

Department of Microbiology

In different years of existence at the department worked such teachers as F.F. Yagofarov, T.F. Shevchenko, N.I. Potaturkina, S.M. Kufterin, L.M. Akimbekova, G.D. Dovgal, O.A. Zavorokhina. 

Currently, the department has a team consisting of the head of the department Rakhimzhanova F.S, the head teacher Kairkhanova Y.O. over research projects of the university and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For many years, the student scientific circle has been fruitfully working at the department; each teacher at the department is the head of a research project.

Department of Microbiology

All teaching staff is curators and mentors of undergraduates and undergraduates. At the department classes are conducted in three languages. In the educational process are actively used modern innovative teaching methods. The department published a textbook "Microbiology" in the Kazakh language (co-author M.M. Urazalin), a textbook "General and Private Virology" in the Russian and Kazakh languages (authors O.A. Zavorokhin, M.T. Abisheva – "Evero" – 2017), “Medical terminological dictionary” for the discipline “Microbiology” in Russian, Kazakh and English (compiled by O. A. Zavorokhina, M. T. Abisheva – Semey – 2017). Doctoral student Amantaeva G .TO. and undergraduate Rakhimzhanova B.K.

RAHIMZHANOVA FARIDA SERGAZINOVNA. Since September 2018, head of the department. Associate Professor (Associate Professor), Candidate of Medical Sciences. She has more than 80 publications, four teaching aids, two certificates of copyright. He is a member of the GAK doctoral and master's programs. IQAA expert on specialized accreditation of the Public Health educational program for master's and doctoral studies. Scientific supervisor of undergraduates, scientific consultant doctoral candidate in the specialty "Public Health". Nominee of the contest "Best Associate Professor".

KAYRKHANOVA YNKAR OKIMKHANOVNA. The head teacher of the department, in 2010 graduated with honors from the Semey State Medical University with a degree in medical and preventive care. 2014 graduated from the specialty "Medicine". 2014-2017 She studied at the doctoral degree in medicine. Prepared for the thesis defense (PhD) in the specialty "Medicine". Conducts educational and methodical, educational work. Author of more than 40 scientific papers, has several articles in journals with impact factor, 1 – patent for inventions, author of rac. offers. In 2017, he received the certificate "The Best Young Scientist of 2017". The head of the student research project at the department.

ABISHEV MAIRA TLEUBAEVNA. Senior teacher of the department. A graduate of KazGU them. Kirov. Works at the department since 1989. It has about 20 20 printing works and rac. offers. Is responsible for the educational work in the department, the curator of the group. Also performs educational and methodical work.  She participated in the development and implementation of innovative teaching methods: “TBL”, “CBL”, (in different faculties), participated in the development and organization of a symposium: “Features of epidemiology and prevention of viral hepatitis”. Co-author of textbooks "General and Private Virology" in Russian and Kazakh, 2017, "Medical terminological dictionary" for the discipline "Microbiology" in Russian, Kazakh and English, 2017. Has a letter of appreciation from the regional akim.

ILDERBAYEVA GULZHAN ORALBEKOVNA. Lecturer of the department, in 2010 she graduated with honors from the State Medical University of Semey with a degree in preventive medicine. She has a bachelor's degree in the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages”. After graduating from the magistracy, in 2013 – 2016 she studied in a doctoral program in the specialty “Medicine”.  In 2017 she received the PhD degree in medicine. He is the owner of the scholarship and the winner of the republican competition for the best scientific work of students in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan. In 2011 she was awarded the diploma "The best young teacher" according to the results of the rating among departments and faculty. In 2012-2013 winner of the state scientific scholarship of the Science Committee of the MES She is the author of scientific articles with impact factor, monographs.

KURMANOVA ASEL MARATOVNA. Laboratory assistant. In 1993 she graduated Semipalatinsk Medical School with a degree nursing. At the department since 2003. Over the years, the department has mastered the work of a laboratory technician – a bacteriologist. Participates in equipping workshops and lectures on microbiology, performs all types of laboratory work.