Course of anesthesiology and resuscitation was opened in 1971 by assistant Muratov B.Sh. In 1973 as the part of chair of hospital surgery, as a staff was assistant Muratov B.Sh. and Semakov A.N.

In 1975 course began to function alone from chair with the head Bessonov A.M. and assistants: c.m.s. Tuleutaev T.B. and above-mentioned assistants. In 1980 by the result of election as a head becomes Tuleutaev T.B.

In 1990 by the initiative of docent Tuleutaev T.B. course was re-organized to chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation, as a staff were head of chair Tuleutaev T.B., assistant Tleubaev M.G., Bukhanchenko A.G., Muratova B.Sh., Abdrakhmanov M.N.

In 1996 due to reorganization of chair was disbanded and Tuleutaev T.B. left as the head of course with the supervisor of internship Kuluspaev E.S. Assistant of course Zhetimkarinova A.D.

In 1992 by the course of anesthesiology and resuscitation was published paper “Cardio-vascular resuscitation” (kaz. “Jurek-o’kpe reanimatsiyasi”)

Assistants of course were working on two chairs – Regional hospital and gynecological center “Jamilya”.

Due to changes of educational load in 1996 year, course was disbanded and became as a part of chair of hospital surgery. Until 2013 course was functioning by its self.

In 2013 course was disbanded again to the course of anesthesiology and resuscitation as a part of internship of surgery. 2013-2016 the head of course was docent, c.m.s. Kuluspaev E.S. – he is one of the authors and developers of the educational programs and syllabuses for internship on specialty “General medicine”.

2016-2018 supervisor of course was magister, anesthesiologist-resuscitator of highest category Karibayeva A.E., she developed syllabuses for interns of specialty obstetrics and gynecology.

In 2018 under the leadership of MD Syzdykbayev M.K. course was reorganized to the chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation. In 1997 he graduated Medical Institute in Semipalatinsk. In 2003 asserted candidate dissertation in Russia. 2005-2008 by the “Bolashak” program entered the PhD course. He reads lectures to his colleagues and residents in two languages (Russian and English). At the current time the staff of chair is: the head Syzdykbayev M.K. and six main assistants: Karibayeva A.E., Uruzbayeva G.A., Muratkhanova Zh.M., Tleubayeva M.B., Tokenov D.S., Ashubayeva F.B., and laboratory assistant  Nogaybayeva M.E. Chair staff do significant clinical load on clinical bases, engage with scientific works, introduce in clinical practice of new methods in anesthesiology and resuscitation. They publish scientific papers with doctors of clinical bases. At current time assistants work at 7 clinical bases.

Chair of anesthesiology and resuscitation is at the base of University hospital of Semey Medical University at address 1a, Sechenova. There is 4 classrooms, one cabinet of head, and assistants room. E-mail: