Head of structural unit


Orazbaeva Azhar Kabdenovna

Biologist, Master

Short information about the unit

For the first time, a vivarium with laboratories was created as and interdepartmental research and experimental laboratory of the University in 1964. On the ground floor there is a vivarium where animals are kept in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic requirements according to the rules of care for experimental animals. Vivarium of the University is a scientific and auxiliary structural unit of the university. It is intended for keeping and breeding of laboratory animals that are used in scientific work (to perform scientific experiments) and the educational process (to ensure clarity) of the University, as well as for testing biological and medicinal drugs. Vivarium provides premises for short-term and long-term keeping of laboratory animals: for research and testing.



Natalya G. Khlynovskaya

Activity: Animal keeper in vivarium


Aiman N. Nurgazinova

Activity: Animal keeper in vivarium


Gulnar T. Nurgalipanova

Activity: Animal keeper in vivarium


Marzhan S. Zarykbayeva

Activity: Animal keeper in vivarium

Contact information


071400, East Kazakhstan Region, City of Semey, 6A Urankhayev St.


8(7222)52-69-37 (internal 1093, 1095)


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Пн. – Пт. 09:00 – 18:00