Head of structural unit


Krykpayeva Ainur Serikovna

Head specialist of the research department, Higher medical education, PhD of specialty 6D 110100 “Medicine” (2019)

Brief Information about the Unit

In June 2019, due to the reorganization of the structure, the Department of Scientific and Experimental Research was established at SMU, NCJSC, in the structure of which the Scientific Research Department was determined – by restructuring the existing department. The purpose of creating the subdivision is to ensure the integration of scientific activities and the educational process at all levels of education in accordance with the requirements of the developed education standards, as well as to ensure the planned training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of SMU, NCJSC.

The functions of the department were defined as: planning, organizing and monitoring the scientific activities of students of undergraduate and postgraduate education, monitoring and coordinating the work of scientific commissions and committees of SMU, NCJSC for the effectiveness of scientific activities.



Bekezhan Aiym Bekezhanovna

Specialist of Research Office, Master of Medicine in the specialty 6M110200 Public Health.
Field of activity: Control of scientific activities of undergraduates. Coordination of activities of interdepartmental meetings, ethical committee, central scientific and control commission Website content monitoring (scientific block for master’s degree)


Alpysbaeva Zhanar Ashkenovna

Specialist of Research Office, Master of Medicine in Public Health.

Field of Activity:

Control of scientific activity of master’s degree and PhD students.

Coordination of interdepartmental meetings, ethic committee, central scientific – control commission.

Monitoring of site filling with the content (scientific section)



Field of activity:

  1. Ensuring the provision of a range of services to support patenting and technology commercialization;
  2. Organization of interaction between subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities and subjects of private business in the region in the field of patenting and commercialization of technologies;

Advising applicants and potential partners on the issues of ensuring quality preparation and filing of applications for intellectual property.


Gaisa Muzaparkhanov

Specialist of the Research Department, Bachelor of Economics and Business, specialty 5B051000 “State and local government”

Field of activity:

Planning, organization and monitoring of scientific and practical conferences in the NCJSC «SMU»

Monitoring of the content of the website (information support of conferences held in the NCJSC «SMU»


Madina Slambaeva  

Project Manager of the Science Department.

Higher technical education, Master of Biotechnology, graduate of the Bolashak program (2015)

Field of activity:

Participation in the planning and organization of the work of the research department; Assistance in the search and implementation of training seminars, scientific and technical programs, projects with the participation of leading research centers, universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the near and far abroad; Promotion of ideas for improving scientific activities and the development of project scientific events; Consultation of the teaching staff and administrative and managerial staff of NCJSC “Semey medical univeristy” in the preparation of necessary documents for grant financing of scientific projects, implementation of scientific and technical programs;

Contact Information

071400, East Kazakhstan Region, City of Semey, 103 Abay Kunanbayev St., Rooms 121


8(7222)56-28-88 (internal 1091)

Business hours

Mon. – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00