Nazarbek B. Omarov



  • higher – SSMA (Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy ), 2000-2006;
  • internship – SSMA, 2006-2007;
  • residency – Semey State Medical University, 2008-2010;
  • fellowship – Altay State Medical University, Barnaul, 2011-2014.



  • doctor;
  • board certified in surgery;
  • first category health professional.


Work experience

  • 2007-2019 – Assistant of the Department of Hospital Surgery of NCJSC “SMU”, Director of Studies;
  • 2019-2022 – Acting Associated Professor of the Department of Hospital Surgery of NCJSC “SMU”, Director of Studies.


Scientific work

  • author of 109 scientific publications, 10 patents for inventions, 4 rationalization proposals and 16 introduction acts;
  • prepared 2 Masters of Medicine and 2 PhD;
  • participant of the international conferences on surgical gastroenterology, hepatology, coloproctology, endovideosurgery and public health organization;
  • he took advanced training courses in management and leadership, pedagogy and psychology of higher education, current issues of clinical surgery, endovideosurgery, organization of health care;
  • he was awarded the badge “Excellent Healthcare Worker”, diplomas of honor of the city and regional levels.


International internships

  • 26.05-10.06.2014 – “Topical issues of hepatopancreatobiliary zone”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus;
  • 01-31.10.2015 – “Hepatopancreatobiliary surgery. Liver transplantation”, 240 hours, Zurich, Switzerland;
  • 24-25.05.2018 – “Training as part of the implementation of the model of practicing the basic principles of continuing medical education”, 120 hours, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation;
  • 12-26.07.2019 – “Topical issues of thoracic surgery”, Ankara, Turkey.