Head of structural unit

Raissova Anar Kairgalievna

Anar Raisova

Higher education: Kazakh Humanities and Law Innovation University, specialty – jurisprudence

Field of activity:

  1. Introduction of control and manages all types of activities of the SCES;
  2. Implementation of the admission of students on issues related to the competence of the University’s SCES;
  3. Organization and control of the process of introducing innovative technologies in the work of the center;
  4. Provision of public services;
  5. Registration of a temporary residence permit for students in University dormitories.



Brief Information on the unit

Service Center for Employees and Students opened on 01.11 2018.

Tasks, functions:

  1. Registration and accounting of incoming and outgoing correspondence and internal documents;
  2. to register appeals of individuals and legal entities;
  3. organization of sending outgoing correspondence by mail, fax and by express;
  4. submission of documents for consideration to the Chairman of the Management Board-Rector, Deputy Chairmen in the areas of activity;
  5. sending documents for execution to responsible structural units in accordance with the set resolutions through the “Documentologist” program, as well as the execution of signed draft executive orders and orders of the first head of the main activity, orders to send employees on a business trip for their further passage in accordance with the established procedure through the “Documentologist” program, subject to the passage of the entire stage of approval (approval);
  6. control of execution of incoming correspondence according to the Order of treatment of individuals and legal entities, as well as instructions, tasks of the Management Board, preparation of accounting documents if necessary;
  7. control of the formation, storage and timely transfer of cases to the archive;
  8. provision of archival storage of documents;
  9. preparation of copies of official documents at the request of university employees, certification of copies;
  10. keeping minutes of weekly meetings of the Chairman of the Board – Rector;
  11. development of draft instructions and guidelines for record keeping;
  12. registration of travel certificates for official business trips of employees;
  13. annual registration of the general nomenclature of University affairs according to the proposals of structural divisions;
  14. rendering of the state service “Issuance of duplicates of documents of higher and postgraduate education” through the Public Service Center (PSC) and
  15. through the system “Automation of public services” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the use of an electronic digital signature of the first head on the basis of the appropriate power of attorney;
  16. issuance of archival information;
  17. requests for diploma confirmation from different organizations;
  18. issuance of archival salary certificates;
  19. issuing a curriculum;
  20. provision of the service “Issuance of certificates to students from the place of study” through the “Platonus” program from the student’s personal account” through the first supervisor’s EDS;
  21. issuance of employee income certificates;
  22. issuance of transcripts of students;
  23. issuance of directions for accommodation in the hostel by electronic applications based on the decision of the Commission for the allocation of places in the hostel, as well as verification of students’ documents for completeness and their proper registration for consideration by the Commission for the allocation of places in the hostel;
  24. registration in the travel certificates of arriving persons with mandatory registration in the register of employees who arrived on a business trip;
    consultations of students, teaching staff on obtaining public services on the portal e.gov .;
  25. registration of temporary residence permit of students in University dormitories.


Dzhakupova Gulmira Kairatovna

Gulmira Dzhakupova



  1. providing advisory assistance in the provision of services to the CSIO;
  2. acceptance of all kinds of applications, including through the CSIO portal;
  3. maintaining a register of all types of applications for the provision of services;
  4. fulfilling the requirement of documents;
  5. assistance in the preparation of reports to the authorized bodies for public services.


Education – higher, Kazakh National Agrarian University, specialty: Vocational training.


IMG_4592 - копия

Gulzhanat Zhumagali



  1. accepts documents completed by office work for storage from the structural divisions of the university;
  2. ensures the safety of documents received in the archive;
  3. participates in the development of the nomenclature of cases and checks the correctness of their registration in the structural divisions of the university;
  4. systematizes and places cases, keeps records of them;
  5. prepares consolidated inventories of cases of permanent and temporary storage periods, as well as acts for the transfer of cases to state storage, for the write-off and destruction of documents whose storage periods have expired;
  6. participates in the work on the examination of the value of archival documents;
  7. monitors compliance with the rules of fire protection in the archive room;
  8. issues archival copies and documents, draws up the necessary certificates based on the information available in the archive documents. keeps their records;
  9. prepares data for reporting on the work of the archive.


Education – secondary special, Taldykorgan Law College, specialty – lawyer.


Sarzhanova Kulbagi Tusupbekovna

Kulbagi Sarzhanova



  1. accepts and registers correspondence, sends it to structural divisions;
  2. in accordance with the resolution of the Chairman of the Board, the Rector submits the documents for execution to the executors;
  3. maintains a file of records of the passage of documentary materials, monitors their execution, issues the necessary certificates for registered documents;
  4. sends the completed documentation to the addressees;
  5. keeps records of received and sent correspondence, systematizes and stores documents of the current archive;
  6. conducts work on the creation of a reference apparatus for documents, provides a convenient and quick search for them;
  7. prepares and submits to the archive of the university documentary materials completed by office work, a registration card file or computer data banks, makes an inventory of cases transferred to the archive of the CSIO;
  8. ensures the safety of passing service documentation.


Education – secondary special, Semipalatinsk Construction College – industrial citizenship, clerk.


photo5335006829912110392 - копия

Tolkyn Nessipbaeva



  1. supervises the work on organizational and technical support of the administrative and administrative activities of the head;
  2. Accepts correspondence received for consideration by the head, transfers it in accordance with the decision made to structural divisions or a specific contractor for use in the process of work or preparation of responses;
  3. Accepts documents and personal applications for the signature of the head;
  4. Answers phone calls, records and transmits official information to the head, organizes telephone conversations of the head;
  5. On behalf of the head, he draws up letters, requests, and other documents;
  6. Performs work on the preparation of meetings and meetings held by the head (collecting necessary materials, notifying participants about the time and place of the meeting, the agenda, their registration), maintains and draws up minutes of meetings and meetings
  7. Monitors the execution of orders and orders issued by the company’s employees, as well as compliance with the deadlines for the execution of instructions and instructions of the head taken under control
  8. Provides the workplace of the head with the necessary means of organizational equipment, stationery, creates conditions conducive to the effective work of the head;
  9. Organizes the reception of visitors, promotes the efficiency of consideration of requests and proposals of employees;
  10. Forms files in accordance with the approved nomenclature, ensures their safety and archives them in due time;
  11. Organizes business trips of the head: orders air and train tickets, books hotels;
  12. Performs individual official assignments of his immediate supervisor.


Education – secondary special:

  • Avicenna Higher Medical College – Medical Practice-Paramedic;
  • Polytechnic College – Computer Engineering and Software.



Contact Information


071400, Abai Region, Semey city, 103 Abay St., office 125


8(7222)56-97-55 (internal 1018)



Business hours

Mon. – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00