Head of structural unit


Almira Manatova

2007 – she graduated from the pediatric faculty of SSMA.

2008 – after completing an internship in Pediatrics, she received a specialty “Pediatrician”.

2008 – she worked as a doctor in the reception Department of the Children’s regional hospital in Semey.

2008 – she worked as a teenage therapist at the “City polyclinic No. 1” in Astana.

2009-2011 – studied in the master’s degree in Public health at JSC “MUA”.

2011-2014 – worked in the “Republican center for health development” in the Department of Medical-economic and social expertise, position-leading specialist.

2014-2015 – worked at the Semey State medical University as the head of the research center.

2015-2018 – doctoral studies in the specialty “Medicine” in the State medical University of Semey.

2015-2016 – academic year – specialist in clinical activities in the research Department.

2017-2019 – worked as a project Manager in the ТST of  scientific and technical program “Development of scientific and methodological foundations for minimizing the environmental burden, medical care, social protection and health improvement of the population of environmentally unfavorable territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

2018 – head of the scientific Department.

Since June 2019 – chief specialist of the Department of innovation in science.

On January 5, 2020, she was appointed as acting Dean of the school of postgraduate education.

On September 14, 2020, she was appointed as acting Dean of the school of postgraduate education.

She was awarded letters of thanks and certificates for conscientious work in previous places of work.

Author of more than 40 scientific papers, including 3 author’s certificates, 3 methodological recommendations.

Brief Information about the Unit

Postgraduate specialization was created in 1971. Since 1999 to 2002 functions of the internship and internship department were combined and performed by the internship and internship department. According to the Order №164 of SSMU from 08.09.2009 Dean Office for Internship was created. Post graduated Dean Office was organized in 10.09.2012 by №154 rector’s order and internship, residence and master degree were included. Since 03.06.2019 Dean Office was transformed to School of post graduated education


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Tokbulatova Meiramgul Orynbekkyzy

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Dean for Internship


Omargaliyeva Zhanat Amantayevna

Master of Education in the specialty «Pedagogy and Psychology», Deputy Dean for Residency


Beysegazhina Zamzagul Rymzhanova 

Master of philology, Methodist


Ospanova Aizhan Aytkalikyzy


Contact Information


071400, East Kazakhstan Region, City of Semey, 103 Abay Kunanbayev St., Rooms: 214 (Postgraduate education), 216 (Dean of Postgraduate education School)


8(7222)56-42-07 (internal – 1021)

Postgraduate education: 8(7222)52-28-84 (internal – 1052)

Dean of Postgraduate Education School: 8(7222)52-28-84 (internal – 1042)




Postgraduate and further education: doctor@nao-mus.kz

Business hours

Mon. – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00