Head of the structural unit


Turarova Elmira Merkhatovna

Chief Specialist

Education: Master in the humanity sciences «History» (Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay, Almaty, 2011)

Brief information about the structural unit

The graduate employment department and the Medical Foundation is a structural subdivision of the Semey Medical University NAO, whose activities are aimed at organizing training and educational activities to provide additional educational services, providing career guidance and educational work in educational institutions, attracting the attention of future applicants to the medical profession, selection talented and gifted children among schoolchildren, work on the admission of applicants and the formation of the contingent of students, and that promote the employability of graduates.


In order to organize career guidance:

  • carries out planning of career guidance work and its implementation;
  • interacts with educational institutions and local executive bodies;
  • advises on issues of professional self-determination of applicants.


In order to improve the quality of training of future applicants:

  • provides training for applicants through preparatory courses in specialized disciplines (biology, chemistry);
  • forms students’ motivation and interest in the profession of a doctor;
  • helps to undergo adaptation at the university and develop academic study skills, as well as improve students’ language competencies.


In order to improve language training:

  • general course of English / Turkish;
  • language training for international students;
  • IELTS preparation courses for the international English language exam for university graduates, teachers and staff.


In order to facilitate the employment of university graduates:

  • forms a databank of employers and their vacancies in the specialties of the university;
  • organizes information and consulting support for university graduates on employment issues;
  • maintains relations with youth employment and graduate employment centers universities, associations of employers.


Soltanova Samal Keneskhanovna

Graduate Employment Methodist

Education: higher. Central Asian University in Almaty, specialty “Finance and Credit”, qualification “financier-economist”

Dina Sokolova

Methodist of Graduate Employment

Education: higher, D. A. Kunaev Humanitarian University of Transport and Law / Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport. Semipalatinsk University named after M. O. Auezov/Pedagogy and psychology


Dauren Sovetbekov 

Methodist of Medical Foundation

Education: Master of Medical Sciences in the specialty “Public health” NCJSC “Semey Medical University” 2020, bachelor in “Public health” Semey State Medical University 2015.

Contact information


071400, East Kazakhstan Region, City of Semey, 103 Abay Kunanbayev St., Off. 222



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Monday – Friday. 09:00 – 18:00