Head of structural unit


Tlebaldin Nurlan Berikovich

Chief Specialist of the Department. Higher education. Supervises and coordinates the work related to the organization and planning of the activities of the Department of Digital Technologies (DDT) for the maintenance, development and information support of the system of computer technology, communications and connectivity.

Unit Summary

In October 1988, the laboratory of computer technology and TS (Technical Service) was opened at the academy. It was located in a small room, was equipped with a small number of computers, and the staff consisted of 6 employees.

In 1997, the TS department was transformed into an information-computational and editorial publishing center (ICC), which consisted of three departments (testing, TS and editorial publishing departments). The ICC computer park consisted of Pentium class computers, computer classes were equipped, and a small printing house began to operate. The staff has increased, reaching 10 people.

In 2007, the ICC was again renamed into the Center of Information Technologies (CIT).

In September 2017, the Center of Information Technologies was divided into two departments, the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) and the Department of Technical Service (DTS).

In February 2018 two departments were merged into one department – the Department of Digital Technologies (DDT). The daily activity of the Department of Digital Technologies is the repair and maintenance of computer equipment, the maintenance of computer classes during the sessions and midterm exams. Support for the University’s servers and corporate network, development and maintenance of the University’s website, software development for the university’s structural units.



Belokopytov Ivan Yurievich

Technician Engineer. Higher education. He is engaged in support of users of AIS “Platonus”, repair of office equipment, local area network, security systems.


Yegizekov Dias Bulatovich

Programming Engineer

Higher education.

Provides support for users of Google Workspace for Education corporate services.

Developed, adds new functionality and maintains the university website, automated information systems (AIS), AIS of the admissions committee and the military department.

Administers the university website, the site of the PRMJ “Science and Healthcare” and Coursera.

Automates the registration process for scientific conferences.


Tashetov Medet Myrzagalievich

Technician Engineer. Higher education. He is engaged in the repair of office equipment, LAN, security systems.


Nikolaev Sergey Vladimirovich

Technician Engineer. Secondary special education. He is engaged in the repair of office equipment, LAN, security systems.


Klyshbekov Tolman Zhenisuly

Technical Engineer. Specialized secondary education. Repairs office equipment, LAN, mannequins and simulators, refills cartridges.


Krivobokov Dmitriy Igorevich

Programming Engineer. Specialized secondary education. Develops and provides support for AIS.


Krivonosov Artyom Sergeyevich

Operator. Secondary education. Maintains and repairs fire protection and video surveillance systems.


Mussin Zhandos Malikovich

Technical Engineer. Higher education. Repairs office equipment, LAN and refills cartridges.


Seitkanova Ainur Serikkazievna

Operator. Secondary special education. Serves computer classes during the session and midterm control. Typing, scanning and printing of materials.

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Сулейменова Айгерим Сагдуллаевна



Касенов Жандос Амантаевич

Специалист по связям с общественностью

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Соционер Дархан Сәкенұлы



Абралин Аскар Сократович



Акимова Екатерина Викторовна


Contact Information


071400, Абайская область, город Семей, ул. Абая Кунанбаева, 103, Кабинеты: 211 (кабинет главного специалиста), 212, 203 (серверная), 111 (PR отдел), 137 (студия аудио- и видеозаписи)


8(7222)56-28-90 (1155, 1177)

8(7222)56-28-88 (вн. 10) (PR отдел)

Business Hours

Mon. – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00